Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Abs 500!

I had a good workout today. I am still nervous to run after it not working so great last week. So I took a long walk on my treadmill. 4.1 miles to be exact. Of course, I would rather be running. But all in all it was a nice walk. I did a weights routine and all of my physical therapy exercises too. I am doing a new abs routine as well. I love Billy Blanks Ab Boot Camp but it is 35 minutes long! I don't always have the time for it. So I have started my new routine.... Abs 500. For the past week every night I have done 500 crunches. I used to do 250 a night and I thought it was time to step it up a notch. I do all different kinds. Crunches on the exercise ball. Crunches w/ my legs up. Bicycle crunches. Side crunches. Lower abs. Upper abs. You name it. My trainer says that your abs are really able to take a beating and that you should work them out everyday. I say- I am sore!

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Anonymous said...

Just kill me...that's my answer to 500 crunches