Sunday, September 30, 2007

This Just In....

I had a minor victory this morning. I am now down to my pre-Baby Jack weight!! I am so happy about this. Now I still have a way to go.... I was overweight when I got pregnant last summer. But I haven't been this low in over a year so it is exciting for me. I am the same weight that I am in my blog profile picture. Above is another picture of that night. Jack and I were all dressed up to go to a friend's wedding. So that is basically what I look like now. I just don't have an updated picture. I am so happy to be at this weight again! Yay me!
P.S. Check out my hubby... what a hottie!

Saturday, September 29, 2007

I'm Baaaack!

Today I went back to see a good friend that I've missed. Jenny Craig. Yay!!!! I was on the Jenny Craig program right after I had Baby Jack. I was on it for 5 weeks and lost 13 pounds. I just loved it. The food is amazing. The center is uplifting. The counselors are so nice. The meal plan is simple. I really can't say enough good things about it. I don't technically "need" Jenny. I mean.... I know how to lose weight and can do it on my own. But my reasoning is that I am already spending the same amount of money to eat healthy on my own. Fresh food and low carb stuff is expensive... and that is what I've been eating. So now I will pay the same amount but my food will already be measured and prepared for me. Ahhhh. Convenience. And I get to weigh in once a week at the center. My inches and pounds lost will be tracked. I love it. By the way- I've lost 9 inches off my waist since April!!! Yay! I needed to change things up w/ my weight loss. I am so excited to me back w/ Jenny!

Friday, September 28, 2007

One Bite is NEVER Enough!

I've had a couple days of temptation and I think I've held up well. Last night the kiddos and I stayed at my parent's house. So did my sister and her 3 kids. This way my Mom, sister, and I could all watch Grey's Anatomy together. My Mom made this great dinner w/ tortellini. It was beautiful really. I just couldn't eat it. Now I know that tortellini is not bad. But you can probably eat a single serving of tortellini. I, however, cannot. I was envisioning it in heaps and piles on my plate. I was trying to determine if I could have seconds and thirds before I had even ate any. Thank goodness I avoided it. I did give in to having a large bag of air-pop popcorn w/ salt and spray butter. I am so glad that scale was not up in the morning.

Today I went shopping w/ my best friend. I needed to be in control of the food situation b/c eating out can get ugly. Since Holly drove I offered to cover lunch. I chose Subway, which can be totally safe. I got a salad w/ roasted chicken breast, pickles, tomatoes, onions, peppers, and fat free Italian dressing. Safe. It was hard to do this b/c I really wanted some bread. I mean have you seen the bread they have?

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Having A Ball

So today in step aerobics my teacher got creative. And no, I don't mean she had us watch soaps and drink wine coolers. That would have been nice. Instead she decided that we would do all of our workout today while holding one of those big exercise balls. We went through our routines on the step and did our arm movements w/ this ball. It was a little awkward at first and I had my fair share of difficulties. But once I got the hang of it I was stepping along just fine. She also had us jog around the track and run stairs. I do believe I will be sore tomorrow. The exercise ball was a great added element. What a workout!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The Biggest Loser

This is my newest guilty pleasure. For those of you who don't know, The Biggest Loser is a reality show on NBC where obese contestants battle it out through extreme dieting and exercise. Who ever loses the most weight is "The Biggest Loser" and, in fact, the winner. I admire these people b/c they come to this show as literally a means of saving their lives. I watch in horror b/c they are doing all of this on national television! I honestly can say I could not do what they are doing. It must be so humbling to be in front of the whole world like that. Heck, I wouldn't even go to my 10 year class reunion b/c I am overweight! The show catches a lot of flack b/c of the extreme conditions. But I think anytime people change their that drastically it is great! These contestants inspire me! I hope to be as big a loser as any of them!

Monday, September 24, 2007

Not tired yet

I've decided to increase my calories burned when ever possible. If I have the energy I'll be doing a second workout in the evening from now on. It is what needs to happen. I know I won't have the energy every night. But maybe 3 or 4 nights a week. While I run on the treadmill Baby Jack has to be asleep and Lisa has to be in my sight. So tonight I got the baby in bed and Lisa set up in my room w/ a bunch of books. After about, umm ....30 seconds, Lisa pipes up from her seat on my bed.

"Mom, are you tired yet?"

"No, Lisa. Not yet."

"When will you go fast like Auntie Grace?" (My fastest sister.)

"Oh, after I warm up."

"Are you tired yet?"

This continued for the entire run. About every minute or so she asked if I was tired or when I would go fast. It is funny now. Not so much then. As I slowed for a cool-down she said:

"That was good running Mom."

"Thanks honey. Like Auntie Grace?"

"Well Mom, I think you are still slow."

I just laughed at this. I am slow..... That is okay. I am still burning calories, right? Slow and steady wins the race... or whatever. Yay me!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Run=Happy. Reminder #2

Why do I forget this? I know better. I must run. My exercising has been going great. I really love my step aerobics and spinning. But I've only been running a little bit. Like once a week. So today I decide I am getting on the treadmill if it kills me. And, of course, it doesn't kill me. I love it. I felt wonderful. I ran far and fast. Run=Happy. Please pull it together, Sarah. You have to run in addition to other exercises. Spinning and step don't bring me the same joy. That "runner's high".... yeah, you have to run to get it.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Very Hungry

Okay. Today I am hungry. This is not fun. My super-skinny sister always says "you can't expect to lose weight w/o being hungry." She is right, of course. But I am still pissed. (See picture.) I am trying to distract myself. Here is what I am doing to keep busy:
-Chewing gum
-Drinking water
-Taking kids on walk after nap
If anyone reading this has an ideas to distract me that would be great.
I could use any encouragement I can get right now. Ugh! This is so frustrating.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

You Are What You Eat

Yesterday I was on the phone w/ my best friend. We mainly talked about weight-loss, dieting, and exercise. It is normal for us to discuss these topics daily. Yesterday she asked me what I ate in a typical day. So I gave an answer.... and now I think I must have sounded a little weird. I listed everything I ate every day, the caloric content of each food, and what time I ate it. Psycho! Here is my rundown:

Breakfast- 8:30 am
2 Egg Whites- 34
1 Egg- 75
2 Slices F.F. Chz- 60
2 Slices Healthy Ch. Ham- 30
2 GG's Crispbread- 32
1 Laughing Cow Light Chz.-35

Lunch- 12:30
Salad- 15
Salsa- 30
Tomatoes- 20
1/2 Cup FF Cot. Chz- 70
2 Slices Healthy Ch. Ham- 30
Pickle- 5
2 GG's Crispbread- 32
1 Laughing Cow Light Chz.- 35

Snack- 4 pm
Pria Bar- 170
Carb/Sugar Control Yogurt- 60
Dinner- 7:30
Chicken Cutlet- 150
1/2 Cup FF Cot. Chz.- 70
Tomatoes- 20
Pickle- 5

I have to eat the same food, at roughly the same time, everyday. If I don't I become unstructured. If I am unstructured I will just eat what I want, whenever I want. And then I am right back where I started. I know that in order to lose this weight this is what I have to do. But geesh! Oh yeah, I also am drinking over a gallon of water a day. I just keep chewing gum and repeating my mantra in my mind: "To have what we have never had, we must do what we have never done."

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

September Goal- Check!

As Ice Cube would say "Today was a good day." I've met my weight-loss goal for September. I am ecstatic! I have taken the 40 pounds I have to lose and divided them up by 10 months b/c I want the weight off by July 1st. (In time for the dreaded birthday.) So (do the math) I have to lose 4 pounds a month. I know it isn't much I have lost these same damn pounds many times before. And I hear that losing them slowly will keep them off. So I'll try anything! Also 4 pounds is realistic. I need to set realistic goals for myself. B/c in the past I've had these high expectations and when I couldn't meet them I'd end up discouraged. Then depressed. Then- next stop Chipotle. It's a vicious cycle. So now I've meet my goal. I've lost my 4 pounds for this month. And it is only the 18th of the month. If I lose more... great. But if I don't... I'm cool. I just need to at least maintain this loss. Easy enough- right? We shall see. Peace out.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Music to My Ears

So I am downloading some new tunes for my ipod. I need to keep an upbeat pace while working out. If things get to slow I just stop running and go nap. Here are some of my latest downloads.

Beautiful Girls- Sean Kingston
The Way I Are- Timberland
Rockstar- Nickelback
Wake Up Call- Maroon 5
Hit Me With Your Best Shot- Pat Benatar
Praise You- Fat Boy Slim
Mama Said Knock You Out- LL Cool J
Little Miss Can't Be Wrong- Spin Doctors

It is very important that I continue to listen to cool music that keeps me awake. (Being awake is crucial to my work out.) Please tell me what is in your ipod. Any ideas would be great. If you can give me a whole playlist I'll put it in my ipod as yours. Example "Anna's Playlist". You can tell a lot about a person from what is in their ipod. Can you tell I'm kinda nerdy? I like old stuff and new stuff... no particular genre. No country! I can't wait to hear what is in yours!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

No one said this would be fun!

Here is a picture of Julia Louis-Dreyfus, who I totally love. Tonight at the Primetime Emmys Julia was interviewed on the red carpet. She was asked about how she manages to stay looking so good all the time. (Doesn't she look amazing? And I think she looks as young and as fit as she did when she was on Seinfeld. And how old is she anyway? Oh- 46... just googled it. Wow- she looks like she is 30.) Anyway, her response was, and I paraphrase here: "I don't eat anything fun. I don't do anything fun." When asked what she ate today she said: "Scrambled egg-whites." I was sitting on the couch watching this live on E! (of course) and I just stopped what I was doing and thought about her responses. Wow, what great discipline. She clearly gets pleasure from other thing besides food. (Like maybe being able to look so amazing in designer gowns!) I need to remember to get happiness from other things. I need to remember that my discipline now will bring great results later. Like maybe I could look like Julia Louis-Dreyfus by the time I am her age. Hey, its possible... we seem to be on the same diet. You go Julia! All that non-fun having and egg-white eating really pays off!!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

You Can't Take It With You

Above is a picture of just some of the junk food that my husband has left behind. Can a girl get a break, please? How am I supposed to stick to a diet w/ this temptation stashed all over the house? It is not too bad when Jack is home b/c he consumes it all pretty quickly. But now it is just sitting there. It's okay though. I've got it under control now. After last night's run in w/ the Ben & Jerry's I was prepared to find more of the enemy lurking in my kitchen. So this afternoon I rounded up all of the culprits and walked them down the street to the dumpster. Take that! Now I promise not to talk about food that I can't eat for at least a week. And by the way- a good way to avoid talking about or even thinking about food is to chew gum, drink a lot of water, and watch reruns of America's Next Top Model for extended periods of time.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Happy Anniversary

Today is our 5th wedding anniversary. Yay! It seems like it has gone so fast. Jack- I really love you honey. However, I wish you wouldn't have left Ben & Jerry's in the Freezer!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

It's All About Me!

I know that I haven't mentioned this here before but.... I am turning 30 next year. Gulp. I am not happy about this. If you ask me to talk about it in public, I won't. So I will put this here. I am absolutely sick to my stomach w/ fear about getting old. I am sure a mental health counselor would have a field day w/ me on this topic. It isn't just 30. It is every age over 21 in general. With each birthday I am more paranoid. Oh, 26 was devastating. That is when I started lying to strangers about my age. Well, over the last few months different people and different avenues have brought a certain chapter of the Bible to my attention. You all know it.... Proverbs 31. The Chapter that talks about the qualities of a good wife. One stuck out in my mind--it says a good wife is not afraid of growing older. Hmmm. That is something to think about.... I've been thinking. Maybe I am afraid of growing older b/c for all of my 29 years each passing year has brought further deterioration of myself. (I mean I am almost 30 people... I am falling apart here.) So I decided to take control of that. I will take better care of myself as I get older. Then things won't seem so bleak. I need to pull myself together before I turn 30. So here is my plan:
1. Take care of major medical problem that has plagued me for the past 17 years.

2. Bring my prayer life to where it needs to be.

3. Pay more attention to my marriage.

4. Discipline my 2 children in all areas of their lives.

5. Lose 65 pounds.

My plan was implemented shortly before my 29th birthday and I am happy to say it is all going well so far.
1. Medical problem is taken care of.

2. I've said a rosary every day since I turned 29. This has been great for me and helped me to pray more in general. Lisa often prayers a decade or two w/ me. I love it.

3. Marriage is doing so much better w/ a little attention. I know it sounds trite... but a little communication goes a long way.

4. Lisa is happier and more well-behaved and Baby Jack's life is very structured.

5. I've lost 28 pounds. (10 of it was before my birthday)

So this is my plan. I figure- If I'm going to turn 30 I might as well look and feel good, right? If I'm gonna be 3o, I'm gonna be smokin'! I am calling this "My Year". This year is mine. I am taking care of Sarah. It is fun. I certainly have not focused on myself like this since I got married 5 years ago. My friends know I say this in jest but my motto lately has been- this year- It's all about me. Peace out!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Spinning! Not Butts About It!

WOW!! Spinning was amazing. My teacher, Heather, is a Nazi on wheels. She is so fast. Surprisingly, I was the only student to show up-- so the class might have to be cancelled and I will have to move to another one. But that is okay. I like this class enough that I will find another time if I have to. Anyway- back to my private spinning lesson. Can you say ow? Yes, that is how my body feels right now. But most especially my.... ahem... bottom. I had no idea. I was continually adjusting myself on my seat during class. There was NO comfortable position. Heather noticed how uncomfortable I was and here is what she said: "The first few lessons a lot of people have problems w/ soreness on their butt. After a week or two your bottom will become calloused and it won't hurt anymore. Then you will notice how much your legs are REALLY killing you." Honestly, and I am embarrassed to say, I am really looking forward to these callouses. Ha!!

Monday, September 10, 2007

Death Aerobics

Well today was the day. My first step aerobics class. Not my first ever... just my first since I've had 2 pregnancies, breastfed for an extended period of time, gained 60 pounds, and grown rather old. It was wonderful and exhausting at the same time. But I am lucky that I didn't trip and kill myself. Like I've said before- I am not really that coordinated. I was kinda in the middle-back of the talent level. Like- I have 2 legs and am not blind so I am not the worst. I was just a little slow on the steps. And a little clumsy. My sisters will laugh at this b/c I was the same kind of cheerleader... little slow, little clumsy. But this is all good for me. Very humbling. Classmates were offering me tips and trying to help me. And after my run last night I thought I was so fabulous! Ha!!
After class I spoke to my instructor:

Me: "Thanks Debbie. That was great. About my slowness.... I'll catch up soon. I promise."

Debbie: "Oh, you were fine. We have people of all levels in this class."

Me: "Well, I will be the best in the class in just a few weeks. I just need some time. I'm determined."

Debbie: (Giggles and looks at me like "...that is so cute this lady wants to be really good at step aerobics. How sweet.")

I am so up for this challenge. It felt great to be in a step class after so many years. Now tomorrow I have my first EVER spinning class. My best friend is the spinning queen and she highly recommends it. So I am giving it a try. It shouldn't be that hard, right? I mean... I'm not even on my feet. Wish me luck. I'll let you know how it goes. Peace!

Sunday, September 9, 2007


Sometimes you don't want to do things that you know you just have to do. Take running for example. I have to run. Run=happy. I know this... I have to run or I will be so depresso. I waited all day. I kept putting it off. I was getting more and more down on myself as the hours went by. Finally at 7:45 pm I dragged myself out there. I have to trick myself. I say- "Okay, I'll just put on my shoes and go onto the porch. I'm not interested in running." Then- "I'll just turn on my ipod and stretch. No running for me." Then- "I think I'll just walk down the street and see what all my neighbors are doing. Just walk. Not run." And then w/in seconds I am running. I am so glad that I went. I had the best run that I have had in a long time. It felt so good. I didn't get fatigued to where I had to walk home limping. And that is a victory for me. I felt like I had 2% body fat and was in the 26th mile of the Boston Marathon. In reality I was plodding along my favorite 2 mile jog in Troy, Ohio w/ something like 82% body fat. Not exactly as exciting. And that's okay... I'm dealing.

Tomorrow starts my new intense work out schedule. I am really pumped about it. I have step aerobics at 10:15. I did step aerobics in college and it takes me a little while to get the hang of it. Once I've got it down I am fine but I am just a little slow to catch on. I am not the most coordinated person you see. This promises to be an amusing time... especially for my classmates!

Friday, September 7, 2007

If Life Gives you Lemonade-Pour it down the drain

Did you know that there are 220 calories in one Mike's Hard Lemonade? I just figured that out. I was excited to have 2 tonight. I've been saving them for a week. But alas, I've poured them down the drain. I'll just fold laundry, drink water, and chew Raspberry Orbitz Sugarfree Gum instead. The exciting news today is I went to the next decade down on the scale. I've been trying to get there for like 3 weeks so I was super excited. I ran at 1 pm which is just so hot. But that was the only time I could. I am trying to run outside as much as possible until Jack leaves. B/c after he is gone it is treadmill only. I stumbled upon a great new website. I love it. It has a lot of calculators like calories burned, BMI, and nutrition and activity calculators. I've been putting in numbers all evening. (Did you know that you burn 96 calories if you are sitting down, feeding a baby for 30 minutes? Yup.) I want to lose 40 pounds in 10 months.... 4 pounds a month. I can usually lose weight faster but am trying to do it slow and steady this time. This website is able to tell me how many calories I have to lose and eat a day in order to meet that goal. I haven't figured it all out yet though. Okay- I'm gonna go chew some gum. Peace.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

There Is A First Time For Everything

Witty things go through my head daily and I think "Oh, if I only had a blog." Well, here I am and I don't know what to think about it. I've entitled my blog "Weighing In" b/c that is what I am doing these days. In the fight to get the remainder of my baby weight off I am "weighing in" all the darn time. My whole life revolves around getting myself back to normal. What is normal? Well, not this!! Since the birth of my second child 6 months ago I have lost 25 pounds. I still have 40 more to lose!!! I am really going all out now. Petal to metal, or whatever. In 4 days my new workout schedule begins. I am adding to my running and 1,000 calorie diet; step-aerobics, spinning, and weight training. TAKE THAT! Do I sound confident? Good. Then why am I still thinking about Arby's curly fries? Ahhh!