Sunday, April 20, 2008

2008 Olympic Trials

This morning I watched the Women's Olympic Marathon Trials. It was such an exciting race. The favorite, Deena Kastor, won! I wanted her to win and was cheering her on the whole way. I love to watch her run. Now the Olympic team is set w/ these 3 amazingly fast ladies! Jack woke up around mile 19 and could not believe how fast they were going. He said, "Did they just start running? Are they in the first mile?" The team looks really good. Deena for sure has a chance at Gold in Beijing.

In weight loss news.... I am down .8 of a pound for the week. I'll take it!! With just 3 pounds left to reach my goal I realize that things are slowing down. On the agenda for today's exercise is an elliptical workout and weights/abs. Peace out!


Anonymous said...

Awesome weight loss news for you!! Can't wait to get to the goal weight here. Love ya

Tara said...

How are you going to celebrate the goal???? I am so proud of you!