Saturday, September 27, 2008

Run for the Mums

Today was the 30th annual Tipp City Mum Festival.  My parents brought us to this event a lot when I was a kid so it was cool to be there again.  My Dad and I ran in the 5k and had a blast. My time was a little slower than I would have liked- 25:04 (20 seconds off from my last 5k.)  I felt good while I was running though.  Probably too good.  I think I need to go out a little harder and save less for the end.  I've been focussing so much on being able to run a negative second half that maybe I am going too slow in the beginning.  I am able to run fast the last mile but it seems I can't make up the distance on other women who were going faster sooner.  (Does that make sense?)  Anyway, my next race I am going to start further towards the front and try to run faster from the beginning.  I was able to bring home 1st place in my age group today.  (I won a mug and a huge mum plant.) And I was the 9th female across the line, which is so cool.  But what is really cool is that my Dad placed 2nd in his age group!  He just decided to run at the last minute and I am so glad he did.  Awesome job Dad!  Also- here are some pics I took of Jack and the kiddos watching the parade.  We had a really great day!  Peace!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Top 10 Reasons to Detox after the Beach

10. "Baked" Lays
9. Little chocolate bars
8. Circle cheese
7. Deli Ham
6. Mom's Birthday Cake
5. Chips and Salsa
4. Oreo Cookies
3. White Zinfandel
2. Denny's Banana Splits
And the number one reason to detox after my beach vacation....
1. Nuts!

Happy Birthday Mom

Caught Snacking

Monday, September 22, 2008

Missing the Beach

Our Cottage- front

Our Cottage- back
Lisa and Baby Jack
Smiling for Auntie Ria
Flying her kite

Sunday, September 14, 2008

A Visit in SC

Our visit w/ the Hollenbachers went great.  It was so nice to see them.  It was a short stay but totally worth it.  Here are a few pics of the kiddos and Tonya and me.  (Jack and Lee were not into the idea of posing for pictures!)

Thursday, September 11, 2008

On the Road

Greetings from South Carolina!  Our summer vacation has officially started.  First up- a visit w/ our friends the Hollenbachers!  We had dinner together tonight and the kids played.  Tomorrow we are meeting at a park for some more play and a snack before we get on the road for Leg 2 of the journey...  Heading to the Mosher's home.  Then, on Saturday, Leg 3 begins w/ the drive to the coast for a week at the beach.  I CANNOT WAIT to get there!!!  But for now we are enjoying our friends.  When we lived close we got together weekly- if not more.  So it is good to sit and chat like old times.  

As for me... I am exhausted.  I just finished running 5 miles.  I didn't get on the treadmill here at the hotel until 9:40 tonight!  (See pic of me in tiny work-out room.)  That makes for a late run. I am headed to bed.  Peace out.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Back to Ballet

Today was Lisa's first day of ballet for the year.  She was so excited.  We got a new leotard, tights, and shoes.  Her class went really well.  She has a new teacher who just graduated college w/ a degree in early childhood education and has been dancing since she was 3!  Lisa's class of 8 or 9 ballerinas seemed very nice and all the moms were sweet.  I am sure this year will go as good as last year.  Lisa really loves dancing.  Here are some pics our prima ballerina.  Peace.

Monday, September 8, 2008

A Day of Thrills!

Wow!  Yesterday Jack and I spent the day at Cedar Point.  What a great time!  It has been years since either one of us has been to an amusement park.  And we have never been to one together.  I cannot tell you how exhilarating it was!  There were not a ton of lines so 10 minutes after parking we were literally UP- SIDE-DOWN!  It was so cool.  We road the Raptor twice- my all time favorite ride.  The Mean Streak- ouch!  The Corkscrew- classic.  The Mantis- OMG! The Iron Dragon.- so fun!  There is this new ride, The Maverick.  It was so cool.  We had the longest wait for that one- but it was still only 45 minutes.  It was so worth it.  It is the fastest roller-coaster that we had ever been on!  There were a few others I can't remember. Here is a pic of The Raptor.  This is an awesome roller-coaster!  We had so much fun.  We are going to try to get there again next year.  I could go on and on about our day.  I should probably go to bed though.  Peace out!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Good Morning Run

My run today was great!  What a beautiful day it is!  It was 65 degrees when I hit the road.  I ran a long run through downtown Troy and back.  I love going downtown but have never been down there on a Saturday morning.  Things were busy.  People were opening up their shops, walking to work, the fountain was running.  It was a lovely scene.  I really enjoyed it.  Recently "Ohio Magazine" named Troy one of the 5 best hometowns in Ohio.  (Check out article here.)  I can't say that I am surprised.  Since we've moved her we've enjoyed the people, atmosphere, and culture so much.  It is an active little town, w/ lots to do, and really nice citizens.  

I ran a 4.5 mile, out-and-back route.  It is 5 miles from our house to our Parish.  So I walked the first .5 mile to warm up and then ran the rest.  I ran it very slowly.  My heart rate was barely elevated.  I plan to make this downtown run my long, Saturday run as my miles go up.  There is so much to look at!  And to smell.... There is a bakery on the square.... I could smell doughnuts for half my run!!  Peace out!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

I like gum...

I am kind of crazy about gum.  Weird.  I know.  Jack estimates that we spend around $300 a year on gum for me.  We think that may be on the low end.  I chew gum basically all day.  All gum must be sugar-free, preferably w/ Xylitol. I have certain flavors of gum for certain things.  Gum for running, gum for after dinner, gum for while I am at a doctor's office, gum for while I clean the house.... you get the idea.  Today I went to get my gum for after lunch and it was gone!!  Now that is not usually a big deal b/c I can substitute another kind in a pinch.  EXCEPT- I was on my last pack!  I am planning on going to the grocery tomorrow and we are running low on gum and groceries.  So I was making this last pack of "Trident- Wild Blueberry Twist" last the remainder of the day.  It was a challenge but I was up for it.  Anyway- I go to get my gum after lunch and it is not there!  I empty my purse.... gone!  I immediately pick up the phone and call Jack (who was meeting w/ someone by the way.)

Me- Honey, did you take my gum?
Jack- Maybe.
Me- Did you or not?  Where is it?
Jack- I needed some gum.
Me- WHAT???  Why didn't you take like 2 pieces?
Jack- I don't know.  I needed some gum.
Jack- Sorry.
Me- That was my last pack. What am I supposed to do now?
Jack- I don't know honey.  I'm sorry.
Me- When you get home please bring the remainder of my pack of gum into the house.

Poor Jack.  He really is going to be a Saint one day.  Here is what he came home w/.  What a patient and caring husband I have.  Thanks so much love.  Sorry, I am so nuts.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

87 Degrees....

No, that is not the name of a new boy band.  It was the temperature when I went running this evening at 7:30 pm!!!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Skipping Along!

My new book advises dynamic stretching for a warming up.  This includes high knees, bum kicks, leg swings, standing toe-touches, and skipping!  And you should do them in that order.  I had Lisa come outside w/ me for my skipping drills today.  We had so much fun!

I love this type of stretching.  Studies show that injuries are much less likely if you do this before a workout and static stretching afterwards.  (Static stretching is the kind where you hold a stationary stretch for a certain amount of time.)  And this is much more fun to do w/ a 4-year-old!  Peace!