Wednesday, April 16, 2008

More Biggest Loser

Here is a better picture of Ali. It is from the finale last night so this is her final weight. Amazing!
Again- here is her before w/ her Mother, Bette-Sue, who lost 75 pounds. I am so in awe of these women and the rest of the competitors. You can see all their transformations here. The past 2 seasons of this show have really helped me in my battle w/ weight. Yay for the Biggest Loser!

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Anonymous said...

The change is amazing!! At first you are like you remember that this IS their lives for the run of the show..wake, so on. The physical part (boot camp like) is exhausting to even think about!! But I will say that it helps to see how exercise and healthy eating will make a difference. All of them were amazing!! Just like YOU Love Ya