Wednesday, April 2, 2008

A Special Day

Happy Anniversary! One year ago today I started my Jenny Craig life style change on the advice of my best friend Tara. And although I am not at my goal yet- I am 65 pounds lighter than I was on that day. My relationship w/ Jenny has been fantastic. We did separate for a few months over last summer. I continued to lose weight on my own during that time.... but I really missed Jenny. I came back in September b/c Jenny just makes losing weight so convenient! Today at the gym two friends of mine were standing behind me while I spoke w/ someone else. They didn't realize I could hear their conversation.

Girl 1- Um- where did the other half of Sarah go?

Girl 2- I was wondering the same thing. I haven't seen her since Christmas and she looks like a different person.

About 10 minutes later I had moved around the room and got to talk w/ them.

Girl 1- Sarah! Where did the rest of you go!

Me- It is gone! Outta here!

Girl 2- You look great. I bet you are going to say, "It was easy", right?

Me- Thanks guys. I joined Jenny Craig a year ago. No- It has definitely not been easy.

I was flattered by the compliment. But "easy" is not a word I would use to describe the past year. Fast. Now that is a word I would use. If someone had told me before I started that this journey would take more than a year. Ha! I would have been so discouraged. I would have NEVER begun. I am so glad I did start though. I am a year older anyway, right? Yay for Jenny Craig!

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Anonymous said...

YOU KICK BUTT CHICKIE!! You keep me motivated by showing it can be done. One of the most amazing things I have already started feeling is a return to ME..the me before I gave my body and mind to the kids..ok my mind is still there intertwined with my heart, soul and spirit..but daggone it I want MY BODY BACK!! Thanks for sharing it all on this blog, especially since I can't see you whenever I want!! Won't we have a joyous reunion in JUNE?!!
Love Ya Tonya