Monday, April 14, 2008

A Check Up

I started feeling better yesterday. It was miraculous. My leg did not hurt one time all day. I was able to lift weights and do all my abs w/o any pain. Heck- I was walking w/o any pain, which is new for me. This really lifted my spirits and I stopped feeling so down in the dumps. Today I went to my Sports Medicine Doctor for her to check the healing process of my IT Band. She thinks I need a physical therapy specialist b/c my band is still so inflamed. So I am headed to a new therapist... but hopefully not for extended treatment. Overall the injury appears to be healing... just very slowly. After my appointment I went to the YMCA for a workout on the elliptical machine. I did a 45 minute interval workout and it felt great. I am really hopeful that my leg will be better soon. I need to get to bed. Peace!

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Anonymous said...

Hopefully this is the beginning of well-ness. Thanks for the arm routines..Love ya T