Monday, March 31, 2008

Jenny's New Foods

Jenny Craig came out w/ some new foods this week. They are, of course, totally delicious. My two personal favorites are the "soupitizers". These are small bowls of soup that have very low calories (45/50). They actually are supposed to count as 2 servings of your "limited free foods". (On Jenny's plan you get 3 servings of limited free foods a day.) They are made to be eaten before a meal. Studies show that when a person eats a small bowl of soup before a meal they will actually consume less calories than they would have w/o the soup. I guess that is b/c the soup helps to fill them up and they don't go back for seconds, etc. (This was quoted to me by my consultant. I don't have the study source. But, I am just realizing as I type this that, this isn't a research paper so I guess I don't' need a source! Whoa- felt like I was in college again for a minute.) Anyway- I love the delicious soupitizers and I do feel more full. The flavors are Chicken Rosemary and Tomato Florentine. I have been eating them before dinner every night. They have really helped to get rid of my late-night cravings. And- have I mentioned that they are delicious? Jenny Craig has the BEST food. It is so funny that you can eat it every day and still lose weight!

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Anonymous said...

Soup is awesome! I have been eating so much soup as of late. My favorite is clam chowder that truly fills me up and the kind I get is only about 200 cals for the CAN and like 2g fat. Great for a big meal. This is also my secret dish when we go out to eat. I'll have the soup....unless they have fair fries (Penn Station is evil) Love Ya T