Friday, July 31, 2009

This is the day...

Well, it is done. The tibial sesamoid in my right foot has been removed. Thank goodness. This is what I am dealing w/...

(The black box is a TENS unit that I need to be hooked up to for the whole weekend.) My doctor says the surgery was definitely necessary. Doc said the bone was in the complete WRONG location in my foot. He said all the tissues, tendons, and ligaments in the area were extremely inflamed b/c of it being misplaced. He said there was also a lot of swelling and broken blood vessels in my joints. Geesh. What a mess. He said there was absolutely no way this would have EVER healed w/o the surgery. I am so thankful to have it over w/. When I woke up in the recovery room I had a funny conversation w/ the nurse. I was really drowsy and don't remember it all but she told me about it afterwards. It went like this.

Me- "I am going for a run."
Nurse- "Not today, you're not."
Me- "Dr. Brown told me I would be able to run in 3 weeks."
Nurse- "Well, okay. You can run in 3 weeks then hon."
Me- "I know I can. I am running on August 21st."
Nurse- "Not that you are counting days or anything."

I am actually in a lot of pain right now and am blogging to try to take my mind off it! My local anesthetic is wearing off now. I am on oral meds but they are not cutting it right now. Thanks to everyone who said prayers and sent texts and called. It has meant a lot to hear from you today. This has been a long road. I am so grateful to everyone who has been supportive of me these last few months. They have been rough to say the least. I am sorry that I've talked about this so much. It is onward and upward from here!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

I love ya, tomorrow!

I am so excited for tomorrow. After my wedding and the births of my children, tomorrow is basically the next best day of my life. Tomorrow my tibial sesamoid bone will be removed from my right foot. Ahhh. I feel better just thinking about it. I am so happy I am almost giddy w/ anticipation. Thank you to all the people who made this possible. Mom for coming down to help me, Anna for watching my children tomorrow, Jack for financing all the medical bills. It takes a lot of great people for an event like this to be pulled off. Say a prayer for me that all goes well. I am sure it will... my surgeon is a genius. I will have to practice a lot of self-control so I do not kiss him. I can't wait for all of this to be over. And that will be tomorrow... after all... tomorrow is another day. Peace.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

B is for Bees

This is my first ABC Wednesday post. When I took this picture I thought- "Wow, I could join that ABC meme!" My nephew has a knack for finding bugs. He found this under my deck! Just in time to be my letter "B" post. (If you enlarge this it is pretty scary!)

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Monday, July 27, 2009

Welcome to the World Helaire!

"The happiest days are the ones when babies come." Melanie Wilkes in Gone With the Wind

I have a new nephew! My sister, Ria and her husband Edwin have a son! And is he BEAUTIFUL! (But of course... you should see his mother!) I can't stop looking at his pictures. Ria and baby are both doing great- btw. Helaire Dennis, welcome! You are loved! Please go to Ria's blog to congratulate them and get the stats.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Soon Enough....

I will be doing this again. Soon enough.
I know I have been totally absent on my blog lately. And to tell the complete truth... I have been really down. My foot has got increasingly worse... like by the day. I am unable to walk w/o pain now. And I don't know if any of you have ever had constant pain but.... it really wears on your spirit. It just drags me down. So I haven't wanted to blog or even talk about this lately. HOWEVER- that is all about to change! A week from tomorrow I am having surgery! My doctor is removing the bone from my foot that is causing the problem and I really can't wait. Some people don't like surgeries and try to avoid them. Here is my rationale... If you have tried other reasonable means to fix a problem, you've done research on the outcomes of a procedure, you trust your doctor, and do you really need this problem fixed- then I am down w/ a surgery. And I am sooooo at the point right now. So it is under the knife I go! I am going to work hard to keep up w/ my blog these days... I think it will be good for my preparation for surgery and my recovery afterwards. Peace.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Exercise Partners

Baby Jack wanted to do Pilates w/ me yesterday. This was so funny.... Check out the pics.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

My BFF Denise

Something else that is familiar to me is my favorite pilates workout. I love this Denise Austin pilates DVD. I have seriously been doing this workout for years. (I know I had it before I got married and that was in 2002. So it has been at least 7 years.) I had it on VHS until we moved to this house. Previously, I insisted on keeping our old VCR plugged in and running for the sole purpose of doing these workouts. When we moved to this house we tossed the VCR and I bought it on DVD. It needed to be done. She does 2, 20 minute workouts here. They are both good. The second one is a little challenging for me to do on my foot so I just do the first one these days. But it is wonderful. I have her entire monologue memorized- all her directions and pointers. My favorite thing she says is: "Your spine is your lifeline. Keep it healthy. Keep it supple. Keep it strong." Totally cracks me up every time. But I do love this workout!