Friday, February 27, 2009

A visit w/ Jenny

You probably can't tell what this picture is... so I'll tell you.  It is a freezer full of Jenny Craig food.  My freezer, to be exact.  I am missing the structure that the Jenny Craig program gives me.  I am also REALLY missing the fabulous food!!  So I decided to go back on program for a few weeks.  It is so nice to have my menu planned for me.  As I stood in my JC Center today I was swept over w/ a feeling of familiarity.  I love being there.  (I miss my former center in Ohio but my new one is still a familiar place.  They all have a great atmosphere to them.)  I got so excited as the consultant was putting all my favorite meals and snacks into my bag.  Beef Chow Mein, Cheesy Enchiladas, Chicken Carbonara, and Bruschetta Veggie Chips!!!!  My mouth is watering waiting for tomorrow!  I love how, even though I am on maintenance, Jenny Craig is still there for me! 

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Moving On Up

Thanks Jillian.  

She's been talking to me in my dreams.  Today I moved up to the second level on her "30 Day Shred" program.  Geesh!!  It is so hard.  I love doing it- but she doesn't not cut you any slack.  What a great work out.

In other "Biggest Loser News"... Dane was voted off tonight.  I was so sad to see him go.  He broke a "Biggest Loser" record and lost 100 pounds in 8 weeks!  Amazing!  He then went home and ran a marathon w/ his wife.  He finished the 26.2 in under 4 hours!!!  I am so inspired.  Watching him do cross the finish line makes me think that maybe I could do that someday.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Another Birthday!!!

February is the month of birthdays in my family.  It is kinda crazy.  We actually have to budget for February and all the spending that comes along w/ it.
1st- niece Cece
11th- sister Ria
17th- son Baby Jack
23rd- brother-in-law Mike
24th- sister Grace

It is a lot- I know!  Today is Grace's birthday!!  Happy birthday Gracie!!!  Twenty-two years ago Grace entered the world as a very special addition to our family.  She brought w/ her blessings, joy, comfort, and hope.  All of that and she hadn't even talked yet!  Today Grace is all grown up. (As much as I hate to admit it... she is grown up.)  She is far away in Texas working on her Masters Degree.  And just 3 days ago became ENGAGED to be married!!! Woot woot!

Happy birthday Gracie!  I love you and miss you tons!!!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Bye-bye hubby... and Junk food.

Jack left for work again today.  We are all sad and a little out of sorts- like we usually are when he has to go.  When he leaves I usually have to sweep the house for any junk food and trash it. This is what I found today:
A bad and a half of marshmallows.  A half container of chocolate meringues.  A bag of tortilla chips.  Half a sleeve of saltines.  And ONE Ghirardelli chocolate square. (I don't know how the Ghirardelli square made it past him.)  Really- this is not too bad for Jack.  The saltines were my brother's... leftover from his visit last weekend.  They and the tortilla chips are major weaknesses for me and must go.  The meringues are not tempting to me AT ALL and I may just save them for the next time Jack is home.  I will put the unopened marshmallows out of my sight and save them for the next time we cook out and make s'mores. And the Ghirardelli square I will give to Anna the next time she is here.  So really I am just trashing the saltines, tortilla chips, and the opened bag of marshmallows!  Not too bad.  Usually when Jack leaves I have to pitch moon pies, Ben & Jerry's, and fudge rounds!  But this trip he asked me not to buy him that stuff.  Great!  There is less going to waste.  I do have to admit I am treating myself to some of the tortilla chips tonight.... yummy.  But tomorrow they are on their way to the landfill- in all their sodium holding glory!  Peace out!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Birthday Boy!

Today is Baby Jack's second birthday!!  I can't believe it.... where does the time go?  My baby is 2!!!  We had a little party w/ pizza and cake.  He was so cute and sweet.  I loved watching him open his gifts.  Big or small, he was giddy w/ each surprise.  He giggled, clapped, and signed "Thank You" to everyone.

In workout news- things are going well.  I am still doing "The Shred".  I need to step it up to the level 2 workout and I am just scared.  I can do the level one- no problem now BUT I am comfortable w/ it now.  I guess that is my sign to move on, isn't it?  Working out isn't supposed to be comfortable.  What I have been doing lately is the 20 minute shred as a warm up and then my run.  Today it was the shred and then 5 miles.  It is a good workout.  I'll probably start level 2 of the shred of tomorrow.... I'll let you know how it goes!  Ha!

Here are some of Baby Jack's birthday party pictures.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Happy Birthday!

Today is my beautiful younger sister's birthday.  (One of my several beautiful, younger sisters!) Below are a couple of my favorite pics of Ria.  One on her wedding day.  And one of her sleeping.  She can sleep anywhere... just like me!  I love Ria for so many reasons.  I miss her a lot now that she is living in Denver.  Happy Birthday Ri!!  God bless you. And may all your dreams come true!  (Doesn't that sound silly?)

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Running for Roses

This past Sunday was the 29th Annual Run for the Roses in Raleigh.  It was a bigger race and a lot of fun.  I have to admit that I was not as prepared as I should have been and my time reflected that.  My chip time was 24:55.  But I am not upset about it.  I just know I have to work harder next time.  I was able to win second place in my age group... and the prize was a $20 gift certificate to a sports store!  Cool!  Also, all the female runners got red roses!  The best part about Sunday was running w/ Lisa.  She was in a quarter-mile race and did a great job.  It was great to be outside all day and w/ my family.

Me before my race.
Running w/ Lisa.  The noise at the finish line scared her.
Getting her medal. All smiles now!
Yay Lisa!
I love this pic.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Fly-By Meeting

My sister Ria was in North Carolina on business this week.  So my sister Anna and I decided to go stay a night w/ her at her hotel.  It was a lot of fun!  I just wish the visit could have been longer as we don't get to see Ria that much.  Here is a pic.  Miss you Ri!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Shred!!!

My sister Anna, my best friend Tara, and I are doing Jillian Michaels "30 Day Shred".  We've committed to doing it 30 days in a row.  Why not?  It is only 20 minutes long.  I love Jillian so much.  I wish she would be my personal trainer.  This is the closest thing to having her in my home.  Today was day 1 and.... WOW!  This is going to be great!  It was challenging... especially the weight lifting part... which is sooooo what I need.  I will be letting you all know how it goes over the next 29 days... if I make it!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Another Cute Do!

I put Lisa's hair in another cute do from my new favorite blog- "Hairstyles for Girls".  We just loved this one and it was pretty easy.  I let Lisa pick it out and she was excited to look at all the hairstyles.  It is called  "Basic Twisty Buns".  It was listed as a "Daddy Do" (a style even Dad can do.)  But her husband must be WAY more hair savvy than mine!  Jack could never do this!  Jack's "Daddy Do" is a headband.  Anyway- I am loving all these new ideas and styles for Lisa's hair. 

As you can tell Baby Jack really wanted to get in on the action.  He was showing his back and side views too!  Below is a product that is recommended on the hairstyles blog.  "got 2b glued" is amazing and I don't know how I ever did hair w/o it!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Hair Today

Another web site that I have been visiting a lot lately I found just by chance.  It is called "Hairstyles for Girls" and I just LOVE it.  This blog is all about cute hairstyles for little girls. The girls who writes it has 4 daughters- they are all so cute.  And they have super hair.  The styles she comes up w/ are amazing.  My sister and I have been trying them out on our girls and they look cute.  She blogs step by step pictures and after pictures of the front and back.  She tells you the length of time each style will take and what products you will need.  I am really loving going here. I set up the computer in the morning and pick out a style for Lisa.  Then, while I do her hair, I just read the steps and look at the pictures!  It is a lot of fun!  I can't do the styles as well as the blogger yet- but I will keep trying!