Saturday, January 31, 2009

Yummy Blog Find

So my next blog discovery was not really my discovery at all.  I must give credit where credit is due.  My sister, Anna, found this delicious site!  "A Year of Crockpotting" or "Crock Pot 365" is an amazing site.  Basically this woman made a new year's resolution to use her crockpot every day in 2008.  What a cool idea!  She has so many recipes- as you can imagine.  They are all categorized on the sidebar of her blog.  Each entry lists ingredients (w/ pics), instructions, and a verdict.  She tells you how it came out, if her family liked it, including if her kids liked it, if she will cook it again, and gives you a general idea on how cooking that recipe will go.  I trust her advice b/c- really- who knows more about cooking w/ a crockpot than her??  She was even featured on the "Rachel Ray" show.  So far I have made Salsa Chicken and the Super Easy Fajiats.  (Yes, she has a Mexican food section. Perfect for me!)  My Mother just made the Cornish Game Hens and I think I will try that next b/c that is not something I would normally make and it looks easy.  Get over there and check it out!  Happy Crockpotting!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Busy. Busy.

There is so much going on these days I just don't know what to blog about.  My running is doing much better now that I've been back outside a few times.  I ran a tempo run of sorts yesterday and probably over did it.  I ran 4 miles like this:
Mile 1- Slow warm up
Mile 2- in 8:20
Mile 3- in 7:20
Mile 4- Slow cool down

My leg is a little sore after this so I am taking the day off.  My healthy eating has gone a little by the wayside since I got back from NYC.  Not that I've gone crazy binge-eating or anything.  I've just let myself eat what I wanted.... not really being strict or cutting out anything.  All that will be changing soon enough!  It seems I maintain my weight loss the best when I give myself a week or 2 here and there to eat whatever I want.

In the meantime... I have found 4 blogs that I now LOVE!!  Yes- 4!  I am not going to tell you about all of them today.  But here is one---  It is called "Modern Catholic Mom".  I just entered a contest over here for a set of "Holy Baby" DVD's.  I've seen most of them on EWTN and I love them.  Lisa and Baby Jack do too.  Check them out.  They are great for little ones.  This blog I really like.  I may be a little bit biased b/c my best friend Tara does write on it.
Holy Baby! Two Pack
I'll be posting over the next few days to tell you about the other blogs I have discovered and LOVE!  Peace out.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Feeling Better!

Okay- I am doing much better since my last post!  The main reason why is that they next day- Jack came home! It is great to have him back.  The whole family is happy and enjoying our time together.  And I GOT TO RUN OUTSIDE!!  The day Jack got back I did 5 miles around the neighborhood and it felt so good!  So no more sad faces. Happy days are here again!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Lack of blogging...

I must admit I've been avoiding my blog lately b/c I am a little down in the dumps.  I've not been running as much between the treadmill situation and now my leg is bothering me.... again.  Since we've moved I have not lined up all new doctors to help me w/ my leg.  Finding the right doctor is always a challenging task as a lot of people don't understand running injuries or biomechanics.  Also, when I am hurting like this I need to spend a lot of time just preparing for a run.  Without Jack here to help out I just don't have the time or energy to go through it all.  I know there are bigger problems in the world.  I just really miss running and am very frustrated. This too shall pass.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Staring at the Walls

I know.  I should just be thankful that I own a treadmill.  Some people don't have treadmills. BUT- I have been spoiled.  In our last home I could run while watching TV.  In this home we don't have that option just yet.  I have gone over where to put my treadmill a million times.  I have it in the best room.  The bonus room.  The catch is... there is not a TV in there.  (Not a bonus.)  We actually have 2 extra TVs in our home that we are going to get rid of.  But I can't put either TV in there b/c the bonus room is really the playroom.  I couldn't have a TV in there b/c Baby Jack could very easily pull it down on himself if he was left unattended.  And that is where I put him when he needs to be unattended!  So, you say, mount the TV on the wall!  Brilliant idea except both our extra TVs are HUGE and cannot be mounted.  We are toying w/ the idea of buying a tiny flat screen to put there but.... I am so cheap I just don't want to spend the cash.  So for now I run w/o the TV.  Staring at the wall.  Want to see my view?

Monday, January 19, 2009

Very Hungry Lady

I am back from my fabulous trip to NYC!  I want to blog all about it but I can't talk about it online for a little while longer.  I promise not to bring it up again until I can blog the whole story!  Secrets can be so annoying!

For now I will bore you w/ my tales of extreme hunger!  The past 4 days I have allowed myself to eat anything I wanted.  That is rare for me, as I usually have my guard up.  So today I tried to get back on the wagon.  HA! Nothing doing.  I could not stop eating.  I finally decided that I would eat everything good in the house today, so that tomorrow I would have no choices left!  That way I will have to stick to the menu!  I like having no options.  It is how I work best.  Ni-night!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

NYC People!

I love being in the city.  I haven't been to New York City in a long time.  I think my parents brought us here when I was like 13 or something.  I am so fascinated by city life.  Everyone walks every where they go!  People here seem so busy.  I was getting my nails done last night and the salon was packed.  The door was always opening w/ a new customer.  I said to my manicurist- "Are you always this busy here?"  She said they were.  I guess that happens when there are 8 million people living in one place!  I think I would like to live here... but maybe just for a 6 months to a year.  This is from a walk I took on West 57th Street.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Room Service

Ahhh... This is the life.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Better Late, Then Never

After a very delayed flight I have arrived at my destination!  Where would that be?  Hmmmm.  I'll see if I can post some pics tomorrow.  For now... have you checked out my Mom's new blog?  You should totally go see it. It is called "Photo Phase".  She is into photo-blogging and has a whole group of blogs she visits w/ amazing pictures.  Very cool.  Here is a pic she took this week while on a plan over North Carolina!  That is right... she is in N.C.  My Mom and her friend Rose are watching my kiddos for me so I could make my special event.  Lots of traveling in our family these days!  Now- I need to get some beauty sleep!  Peace out!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Tomorrow. Tomorrow. I love you. Tomorrow.

I am okay really!  After reading my last post people probably think I am lying in a gutter somewhere.  Well, it is all good now.  I went to bed early a couple of nights.  I took 2 days off running.  I am feeling much better.  And guess what???  Tomorrow is the day!!!  Yes.  Tomorrow I am heading out for a magical destination that I can't blog about yet.  Be sure to check in often.... I'll be posting pics and updates!!!

Friday, January 9, 2009


I am going to bed.  Yes, I know it is 8:30.  Yes, I know it is a Friday night.  (Not that it has mattered since college.)  But I am exhausted.  Have you seen me lately?  I must be running myself into the ground!  I look a hot mess people!  Check it out.  Here is me during a recent run.
See what I mean?!!!  I need some serious sleep.  I don't think I've got to bed before midnight one time this past week!  I've just finished my antibiotics for my sinus infection.  Oddly enough, my throat still hurts.  I can't figure out why.  I hope I am not still sick.  Also, I am PARANOID about getting pink eye- like everyone else around here!  That would not be good for my upcoming trip. So, it seems I need an early night.  A little R and R if you will.  I am turning my phone off so I'll catch you all tomorrow.  Peace.  Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Thursday, January 8, 2009


In an attempt to get more iron in my diet, I cooked lentils tonight.... They are questionable.  I think I could eat them w/ a lot of cheese and a lot of salsa.  Do people actually like these things?  Do they eat them of their own free will?  Do they taste good to someone?  May I ask, how?  I am not eating them.  Yet, I am not throwing them out this evening.  I am just leaving them there... while I think.  Excuse me while I eat soup and ponder.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Biggest Loser is Back!

Last night was the season premier of season seven of "The Biggest Loser"!  I love this show.  I am not sure who I am cheering for yet.  I love the sassy silver team, the sweet yellow sisters, the tough black team, and the orange team w/ the biggest contestant ever.  But the team that really stole the show last night was the white team.  Jerry and Estella did an amazing job.  First off, at 63 years old, they are the oldest contestants ever.  Then, Jerry passed out during his first workout-- before the trainers could even get their hands on them!  It was scary.  I think this was a BIG wake up call for all of the younger people.  I am really inspired by how he came right back and was able to lose 25 pounds the first week!  (I believe they had the second highest percentage of weight loss.)  Great job white team!  I am really looking forward to this season.  I'll let you know when I have a favorite.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Running of out time....

I am just a week away from my special-secret event that I cannot post about!  (That is so annoying, isn't it?  I can't wait to tell everyone.) I am hard at work eating healthy and exercising to maintain my weight loss so I look good for the event.

In other news- I am terribly sick right now.  I have a sinus infection and it is awful!  Baby Jack has a cold and pink eye.  We are kind of quarantined over here.  I am hoping our antibiotics have us both feeling better soon.

Off to nap... have a good day!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year. New Plans.

I've made some goals for myself for 2009.  I've been thinking about it for a few days and I wanted to keep my resolutions simple and healthy.  As far as fitness goes I would like to get stronger.  I think if my muscles were stronger I would be a faster runner w/ less injuries.  But I didn't just want to focus on fitness for my goals.  I thought about it for a long time.  What do I want to be in this new year?  Hmmm.  You know- I always kind of want the same things.  I want to be healthier, holier, and happier.  The Three "H's"!  Easy.  I don't want to make this complicated laundry list of tasks.  (I have enough of those!)  So here is my resolution.  I've made it into a kind of mantra so I can just repeat it to myself throughout my day.

Exercise more. Pray more. Smile more.

Simple.  I can do these 3 things. I believe that they will improve my life and my family's life. 
Oh, I just love new years.  It is a chance to begin again.  To dream big.  Here is to a healthy, holy, and happy 2009!