Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Trying to Maintain

Today my therapy and adjustment went well. My doctor has added a new element to the practice. A medical massage therapist! Word. She gave my injury a free 10 minute massage and I think she just does that to get people hooked. She was talking about how I have to get my hamstring and IT band to relax in order to heal completely. I agree. I have a medical massage next Thursday. I am feeling better and walking better today. I was also able to do Pilates so I am doing better. My doctor is not sure that I will be able to run by Saturday.... I am really hopeful. Also- my weight goal for the week is to MAINTAIN my loss from last week. Even though I did lower my caloric intake, I am still concerned that the lack of exercise will confuse my metabolism and stop my weight loss. So I am aiming to not gain anything back. As usual, I cannot wait for my weigh in. Ummmm... I googled "stretching" and got a picture of this kitty. I am doing so much stretching of my muscles these days this is what I feel like.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Ice, Ice Baby

No Pilates happening here today. I had an adjustment and some therapy this morning. You know how when you see a chiropractor sometimes the first week is a little painful? Well, it is usually that way for me. And so now I can barely walk. My doc really wants me to ice so I bought a 2 pound bag of frozen peas and just keep applying them to my knee, leg, hamstring, etc. Right now I am on my 9th ice application for the day. Every time I sit down I grab the peas. I am really cold. Really cold. Will be glad when this is over. Peas out!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Stretching Sarah

As much as I am missing running, I am really enjoying my new Pilates DVD. I have always LOVED Pilates but have not been doing it much lately. Check out this article on the benefits of cross-training w/ stretching and strength techniques. Also here is the picture of the set I bought at Marshall's for $7.99. Nice and cheap! And the work out is 42 minutes long which is so doable. I have to say I am enjoying all the stretching.... so is my IT Band!

Saturday, October 27, 2007

My Stats!! Yay!!

My weigh-in today was successful on so many levels. I could not be happier about it. My goal just for this week was to reach my half way point. I exceeded it!! My over all goal is to lose at least 4 pounds a month. I exceeded that as well!! Here is where the chips fell:
- This week I lost 4.4 pounds
- September I lost 10 pounds
- September I lost 10.5 inches
- Total pounds lost since baby= 38.6
- Total inches lost since baby= 31.5
I am so happy to be achieving my goals. I cannot believe that I am more than half way there. This second half of the weight is going to be harder to lose. But that is okay. Jenny makes it bearable and possible. I can't believe that I have lost 10 pounds in the month since I've rejoined the program. It is all so worth it. I never want to break up w/ her again.

The only thing that has got me down is that I can't run. I have cut my calories down to 1200 from 1500 to compensate for the lack of exercise. And I got a new Pilates DVD today b/c all my other ones are on VHS. It is a pretty good stretching and strength workout and I plan to do it all week. I am not too down about running (just a little) b/c I am just so happy w/ my stats this week.

Now, if you will excuse me, I have a Double Chocolate Jenny Craig Cake to go eat. Peace!

Friday, October 26, 2007

On the sidelines

A visit to my chiropractor has confirmed that I do have Iliotibial Band Syndrome. It has been caused by my hips pulling up my right leg and making it shorter than my left. The right leg has to overcompensate then and it causes your IT Band to become inflamed. My doctor has me taking a week off running, spinning, step, Tae Bo, basically anything that could aggravate the injury. I see him three times next week for therapy- electric current and manipulation. A week from today I can start running- slowly. I take it slow for 2 weeks. About 3 weeks from now the injury should be healed and I can run faster and farther. I've actually had a few problems over the years w/ my hips pulling my right leg up and making it shorter. Especially during my pregnancies. But it has never caused this much pain. I am so happy to have the problem identified. I am relieved that it will only take 3 weeks to get back to normal. I plan to do pilates over the next week to keep active. I am feeling okay today.... but I do miss running already.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Putting Along....

I did run today. Very slowly. It was not the greatest but I don't want to lose my mojo. I ran outside and my Mom watched the kiddos. My knee still hurts. Am looking forward to seeing my chiropractor tomorrow.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Down- Not out!!

Last night I hurt my knee during my interval run. I am so upset. It really started aching in May but I assumed it was just b/c I was so overweight. Then I took 8 weeks off from July to September and figured that would take care of the ache. No such luck. It started hurting again a few weeks ago... only when I run. Then- last night it hurt so bad while I was running and is killing this morning. I am limping. I can't believe this. I do not want to stop running. I am so bummed. I didn't go to step aerobics this morning. And I won't be attending it or spin the rest of the week. My POA is: rest, ice, compression, elevation, more stretching, Motrin, slower runs for a few a week or two run outside whenever possible, and a return to my chiropractor. In my research online I've found a few different injuries it could be. I am leaning toward thinking it is ITBS. I found a website that said the number one cause for ITBS is having legs of different lengths. My left leg is longer than my right so I am thinking this is it. If so, my chiropractor can get them back to the same length in a few sessions. I really hope I can get this resolved w/o too much a change to my running schedule. I will not be stopped. I am determined.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Try, Try Again

Baby Jack is feeling better today. He should. He's been sleeping for 2 days. We are going to try to work out again at the YMCA tomorrow. I think he is up to it. Today, while he was briefly awake, he played in the exersaucer while I ran intervals on the treadmill. He was happy the whole time. So- it is back to step aerobics tomorrow. It will be a challenge b/c Lisa has swimming beforehand, so on Wednesdays we are there a little longer than the other days. Wish me luck. I'll let you know how it turns out!

Monday, October 22, 2007

Girl Interrupted

The nursery at the YMCA is great. I bring the kids there 5 days a week for an hour a day. No problems. Lisa gets to play w/ other kids her age. The baby sits in an exersaucer or is held the whole time. Nice set up. Works great. Until last week. On Tuesday I was called to the nursery over the intercom system for the first time. It wasn't a big deal. I was already done my workout. They said Baby Jack was tired. Then, Wednesday I was called on the intercom for the second time. I only had the cool down left and I was concerned about the baby so I didn't mind at all. They ladies said he wasn't right. I went to his pediatrician and he had an ear infection. So, I kept him home from the nursery on Thursday and Friday. Today I was called to the nursery for the third time this session!!! Poor Baby Jack. They just didn't think he was well enough to be there yet. This time I was only 30 minutes into my workout. I was frustrated b/c I really thought he was doing better... or I wouldn't have brought him. So w/ only a half hour of working out done today I still had more calories to burn. And where did I turn... good ole' Billy Blanks. I have his Boot Camp series. It is amazing. You use the "Billy Bands". A-MA-ZING!!! I am exhausted now. My sisters and I really love Billy. We've been following him for years. It was nice to do Tae Bo again. He really cleaned my clock. If Baby Jack is up for it I will be heading back to the YMCA in the morning. If not... see you tomorrow Billy!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

With Gratitude

Today, while running a route in my parent's neighborhood, I was overcome w/ emotion. I felt so good. I cannot describe how good I felt. Sure I was tired and maybe even a little sore. But it was nothing compared to the joy I felt at being able to run again. I ran for 45 minutes. Straight. No walking. I know it is not much, but it has been so long since I've been able to do this. And even if I have forced my body to run for 45 minutes in the last 15 years, it was not w/o great amounts of pain. Possibly days of pain. And days of drugs. Tears streamed down my face as I putted around the suburban streets. I didn't have to stop. I could keep going. I really felt like I could have run another hour or two. I was saying a prayer of thanksgiving as I turned into my folk's driveway.
Dear Lord, Thank you for blessing me with two children. Thank you for my husband, family, and friends who supported me during years of illness. Thank you for speaking to me through all of those people and giving me the courage to take care of myself. Thank you for giving me my life back. It is nice to be me. Amen.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Happy Days are Here Again

Okay- You may disregard my previous posting. I feel better today and am not depresso anymore. My weigh in was better than I had hoped for. I lost 1.6 pounds this week!!! Yay me!! I was super nervous about weighing in. This result makes me feel great. It is like I talked about last week. Effort=results, right? Well, this week that is the case anyway. So I will stay away from Chipotle for one more week. Then, after my next weigh in, I will reevaluate my need to boycott this fine establishment.
Next order of business... I am seriously contemplating not weighing in at home anymore. Every morning I get up and weigh in. Does it cause confusion or is it motivating? I am not sure. Of course the scales are different by about a pound and a half but I account for that when weighing at home. Still I am not sure if this is beneficial. According to Jenny's scale I am down 5.2 pounds for the month. This brings me past my monthly goal of 4 pounds a month. But according to my scale I am all over the place. There is often a 3 to 4 pound difference between days. I change the battery monthly so I know it is not that. And it is not a cheap scale-- it is the expensive Weight Watchers scale. (Shhhh. Don't tell Jenny.) Please tell me what you think. Should I stop weighing myself at home everyday?

And finally, a little shot out to my parents.... who are pretty cool these days. They are willing to help me w/ my long run on Sundays. (See previous post.) Yes! Thank you. When Jack is out of town I always meet them at 9 am Mass and then go out to breakfast. Well, my Mom suggested that instead of going to breakfast we go back to their house and they watch the kiddos while I run. Perfect. I always say- Mother knows best. Thanks Mom and Dad for all your help!!

Friday, October 19, 2007

Not so hot

I admit it. I've really been slacking on my blog this week. I have to tell you that I am super-discouraged. I just want the weight to come off now. I am frustrated about my running situation. Baby Jack's crib has been moved to my room b/c he and Lisa needed to be separated. So now I can't run while he is sleeping. So I have to run w/ both kids in my room. I did this for the first time yesterday and it is not fun. I had a half-hour run to do. I put Lisa on my bed w/ books and Baby Jack in the exersaucer. This was not fun. Baby Jack was fussy for the last 10 minutes of the run. I don't know how he will handle my 45 minute run on Sunday. And my runs just keep getting longer over the next few weeks. I was also upset this week b/c my spin class was cancelled both days. My instructor's son was sick and I totally understand. I could have gone to another time but it wouldn't work for the kiddos. So on Tuesday and Thursday, when I usually have 2 workouts, I only got one. I cut my calories down on those days but I am nervous about the workout cutback effecting my weigh-in tomorrow. But that wouldn't be so bad if my running situation was better. I think I am going to start asking my best friend to watch the kids on Sundays so I can do my long run. But I just hate having to depend on someone else. Anyway- I think I have been avoiding my blog a little bit b/c of all my frustration. So, here are all my issues these days. Sorry to be such a downer.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007


No, that is not a nickname for my brother. Fartlek is Swedish for "speed play". It is a type of conditioning which is defined here. I ran a fartlek today and it was exhausting. I understand how it means "speed". It is the "play" part I don't get. I don't feel like I was playing much. "Play" is something that makes me think of sandboxes and hula-hoops. This was not "play". I can understand how this benefits the aerobic energy system. Today during my workout my heart rate monitor alarm went off 3 times! It rings when I've exceeded what should be my maximum heart rate. Hmmmm. Not sure what that is all about. I mean, I don't stop when that happens and I am still okay, so...... Anyway, this was a great workout. I will be doing them every other week for the next few weeks. I am excited to see if they do make a difference in my speed and general aerobic strength. I'll keep you posted!

Monday, October 15, 2007

It's what's for dinner!

You know why I love Jenny Craig? B/c this is what I had for dinner:
- Chicken Fajitas
- Fat Free Raspberry Yogurt
- Cookies and Cream Cheesecake

That is a great dinner if you are dieting or not!

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Weighing Woes

So I weighed in today. And this week I've lost.... drum roll please.... a measly .8 of a pound. What does this mean? I don't know. As someone who directly relates effort to results, I am upset. Does this mean I went another whole week in my life w/o Chipotle for .8 of a pound??!! I soooo would have got Chipotle if I knew this was what would happen to all my hard work. I feel cheated! And who makes scales anyway? Don't they know how to round down? Why don't scales round down to the next pound? Someone please explain this. Is this b/c I don't eat tuna? I feel like if I ate tuna I would already be thin. Maybe if I would have ate tuna instead of another meal I could have that crummy little .2 of a pound that seems to be missing. Like I said- I equate effort w/ results. If I do the work (in this case dieting and exercising) I expect the results (in this case weight loss... more than .8 of a pound.) So if I do a lot of work I expect a lot of results. Hmmm. This didn't work out that way for me this week. And I must admit I am a little bummed. Of course-- I'll take the little .8 of a pound. As pathetic as it is.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

The Way I Are

Above you will see a picture of the dashboard of my treadmill. It looks cluttered, I know. My sister and I always joke about all the things we "have" to have to run efficiently. So tonight during my run I realized how silly this must look. I tend to be a little OCD. This is an example of that.

Starting on the left we have hand weights number 1. Not sure why they are there. I used to use them before I got hand weights number 2. I leave them there in case. Out of habit. Behind them I have my tissues. You need tissues when you run. Next I have my pink ipod Nano. I wear it when I run, of course. I put it there for effect. Next I have my pink Razor. It is there so I don't miss an important call. If you have ever talked to me while I am running you are an important caller. If you haven't talked to me while I am running you are not the reason I keep my pink Razor on the treadmill dashboard. Next, in the center, you can see the Evenflo baby monitor. I have to be able to see the light bars on it b/c I can't hear it over my tunes. If the baby wakes up I allow him to cry for 7 minutes before I jog into his room and put his binkey in his mouth. I do this 3 times if necessary. If he continues to cry after three "jog-ins" then I stop running. Next there is my heart-rate monitor and manual. I just started using this, hence the manual. It is a little confusing but I am getting addicted to it. I really think that it helps me run longer and will keep me from blowing up my heart. And lastly, we have hand weights number 2. They are different from hand weights number 1 b/c they velcro onto your hands. I totally love them but can't wear them all the time b/c the tend to aggravate the tendinitis in my wrists. And, ummmm.... I think that is it. Unless you count the fan on the dashboard. I only use it when I have a quarter mile left no matter what distance I am running. But it is built in so you kinda can't count it as one of the things I need. Right?

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Fab Running Book

I started a new training program yesterday. It is taken from this book that my Dad gave me. "The Beginner's Guide to Long Distance Running" has programs for runners at all fitness levels. I've been using this book for a few years and I can't talk about it enough. I used it to get back into running after I had both my kids. And now I am using it to get in a little better shape and train for some 5k races. I asked my Dad to run a few races w/ me this fall. I don't think either of us are really ready or going to break a record or anything.... but I asked him b/c I think it will be good for both of us. So I stared the 5k program yesterday. Day 1=rest. Perfect. Day 2=10 minutes slow-- then 4 to 6 one minute repeats briskly w/ 2 minute jog recoveries-- then 10 minutes slow. I did this run today and it went well. I just really enjoyed it. Now I must go. I'm watching "The Biggest Loser" and chewing gum. Peace!

Saturday, October 6, 2007

3.2 Reasons

... why I LOVE Jenny Craig!!! Can you guess what they are? I'll tell you. I am down 3.2 pounds in my first week back w/ Jenny!!!! Have I mentioned that I love this program? Have I mentions that this program is easy, simple, and tastes great? Here is one of my favorite meals- Jenny's Personal Pizza. Yum! I am so glad I decided to go back. My new menus sure beat the junk food I was talking about yesterday. Yay for Jenny!

Friday, October 5, 2007

In My Face!

Today, while grocery shopping, I had the unfortunate experience of coming face to face w/ every possible junk food you can imagine. It was like Wal-Mart was marketing just to me... I saw MY personal favorite junk foods everywhere. Here is a list of the main things that caught my eye: pretzels, jiffy products, Reese's peanut butter cups, Swedish fish, soft pretzels, skittles, butterfingers, Klondike bars, cheez-its, and pretzels in a bucket.

I am serious! They were everywhere.... bombarding me. I wanted to call security. Instead I bought yogurt, organic soy milk, and some gum. Super.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Running for my life....

This is what I feel like I am doing. I was talking to my sister today about running. My morning workout and Jenny Craig just aren't enough. I have to run too. Even if I do an hour of step aerobics in the morning, like today, I still need to run. I really love it.... once I get on the treadmill. Getting on the treadmill is really a trick though. I've got my endurance up to around 2.5 miles w/ no stopping. I know that is not much but it has taken me a while to get there. Tonight while I was running I thought I'd be creative and get some pictures of myself to put on here. Only problem... my photographer is a 3 year-old! If I look exhausted, it is b/c I am.

I gave Lisa the camera when I still had quarter of a mile left. She had a little bit of fun w/ it. This is what I am dealing w/ during my runs people. Peace!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Just Keep Spinning

Today in my spin class the funniest thing happened. I got on my regualr bike and the resistance was set at the most difficult level. I couldn't even push the pedal down one time. The bikes are usually left at neutral so I found this odd. I adjusted the resistance and started spinning away. I felt so great. It seemed so easy. Almost natural. I just kept spinning. As my instructor, Heather, had us increase the resistance I had no problems. Absolutely none. My legs didn't burn. I didn't get tired. It was fabulous. I thought to myself- "This is it. I am finally in shape. I look like all the other girls who don't even have to try to pedal fast against strong resistance." Then something clicked in my head and I thought to myself- "This is too easy. Could my bike be broke? I should say something to Heather. No- I won't say anything... then I will look super-fast and really in shape. Say something. W/o resistance you won't get a good workout. You want a good work out don't you? Don't say a word... you look great!" After just a few minutes my desire for a workout overcame my desire to look really fast. Heather said my bike was broke and I needed to switch. My new bike was working just fine. I don't know how fast I appeared, but I did get a great spinning workout!