Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Good bye Windy City!

Well, I am back. I was out of town for a brief vacation and it was wonderful! I was dressed cool- thanks to my stylish sister, Grace. Chicago was awesome. My friends and I had so much fun. We talked, laughed, cried, etc. for 4 days. It was very needed. While I was gone I wasn't able to stay on my Jenny Craig food. I logged what I ate and tried to make smart choices. But I let myself have a few treats too. Treats included a slice of cheese cake at The Cheesecake Factory, 2 slices of deep dish pizza, and alcoholic beverages. Other than that I ate salads, grilled chicken, soups, apples and Anytime bars. I managed to get in my gallon of water each day.... thank goodness. And I got up and ran 3 out of the 4 mornings. (The 4th morning I had an early plane to catch.) Now that I am home I am having a difficult time getting back onto Jenny Craig food. I have been snacking and eating my husband's junk food today. This is just not like me. And I think it is b/c I have been having such fun food the past few days. Tomorrow I am going to be making a concentrated effort to stay on program. I am happy to be home but it sure hard to get back into the groove of dieting. Jack is going to help me be disciplined tomorrow. Time to get back on track!

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Ria said...

This picture is so cute! I also firmly believe that every once in a while you have to indulge to stay on a good eating plan. You have to feel that bloated, crappy stuff to remember how great healthy eating is. Love!