Saturday, January 12, 2008

Wonderful Weigh In

(Isn't this picture so cute?) Well, my hard work is paying off. My weigh in went fabulous today. I am down 2.6 pounds for the week!!! Yay!!! This makes for a total of 50.4 pounds so far! I am so happy. I was extremely nervous about my weigh in. (As usual.) But my consultant always helps me to chill out. She was super-happy to see my numbers today as well. Maybe I am out of my slump? I sure hope so. My consultant asked what my plans were for this upcoming week. I told her I thought I would take today off cardio but still do weights and then proceed w/ the remainder of the week just like last week. She thought I should take today off everything. So I think I just might. The interesting thing about this week is that I had to eat more than 1500 calories on 5 days. I was just so famished and had no energy. Each of those days I probably added 100 to 200 calories. It is just so amazing to me how I can eat more and lose weight. Yay! I have 20 pounds left to reach my goal. I can so do this!

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