Saturday, January 5, 2008


I went to my weigh in today. For the first time I gained weight. I gained .6 of a pound this week. And, you know what, I'm okay. I mean... of course I would have rather lost weight or just maintained. But, I figure w/ all of my shenanigans in Chicago this was bound to happen. If .6 of a pound is my price to pay for time w/ my best friends then I'll take it. I am moving on from this. It won't be happening again.

In more important news. I simulated a 5K today on my treadmill. My goal was to finish in under 30 minutes. I did it in 29:16 (see below). It was a little hard b/c Lisa was sitting on my bed during the whole run. She was tired and was a little restless reading books. So I flipped on Animal Planet to hold her attention so I could run. (Nothing else is on at 7 pm.) For the entire run she had questions about the show. I always tell her I can't have a conversation while I am running. But I felt bad for her b/c she was still up and so tired, but being good. So I agreed to give short answers while I ran. Geesh! There was a question about every animal. "Mom, what is that?" So, I answered her through gritted teeth. "Badger." "Skunk." "Fox." "Prairie Dog." We even saw a hawk kill and eat a bunny. Looking back on this now, our conversation was probably very amusing. I am just so happy about my time. If you are a runner you know this time is not going to win any medals. Being under 30 minutes is a personal victory. This was my first of several running goals. Yay me!

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