Friday, January 25, 2008

Fat or Fiction?

I have a scale that measures body fat percentage. Well, it is supposed to.When you step on it an electric current runs through your body and determines how much of it is fat. I stepped on it last weekend and it said 30%. I thought- "That seems high.... I really need to workout more and get myself pulled together." When I mentioned this percentage to my trainer she looked at me like I was crazy and set up an appointment for me to be measured by the body-composition-measuring-chick at the YMCA. So this morning I was measured using those Caliper-pinching things.My results came back.... 16% body fat!!!! What the heck? Now I am really confused. Frankly, I don't think either one is accurate! To understand where the percentages fall see the American Council on Exercise's body fat chart here. My Dad said he had a similar experience w/ the scale measuring almost twice what the Caliper test did. So how do I figure out what is right? I am considering having it done a 3rd time but then I feel like I am just getting it done until I have a result I like. (I guess I like the 16%! I just don't think it is correct.) Hmmmm. What to do? I must know the truth!


Joshie said...

I say just forget it- I never had much luck with Body-Fat percentage tests either (your level of hydration effects the elctrical current on the scale ones and that can vary the results alot and the calipers are very open to taking bigger or smaller pinches every time they try it...) so I just focus on eating healthy and looking good and not giving a thought to body fat percentage.

Sarah said...

That is good advice Josh!