Tuesday, January 8, 2008

A little one on one

My first meeting w/ my trainer went REALLY well. It was so good to work w/ someone one on one. But I guess that is the idea. Whenever I've been in a class I don't ask all the questions I have b/c I don't want the instructor to have to focus too much on me. Today I asked all the questions I wanted to. The focus was on me and that was okay. My trainer thinks I should have been using heavier weights in my all strength class I was taking previously. She says I would have got more out of the class and that makes sense to me after working out w/ her today. Now she has me using 8 pound weights and 5 pound weights. This made a huge difference in my workout. I bet I will be sore tomorrow. I was also able to get a run in today. This morning, at about 8:30 am, I ran a medium-paced 2 miles outside. It was pretty nice out.... about 55 degrees and really windy. I was happy to get outside and run. I would classify today as an excellent workout day. I love days like this.

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