Sunday, January 13, 2008

4 Miles Y'all

Wow! What a great day. I ran over 4 miles today. It felt really good. I decided to up my mileage on my long run. And I definitely needed to. The kids were both napping and I just listened to my ipod and watched reruns of.... "America's Next Top Model" (of course). It was really therapeutic. My goal when I started running was to up it to 3.5 miles. But when I got there, I just didn't feel finished. I felt really good afterwards. I also lifted weights tonight for about 45 minutes. I have a lot of questions for my trainer. I forget the correct position on some of the sets. I am sure I look funny trying to figure it out. I am excited for my upcoming week of working out and sticking w/ Jenny Craig. I am really hoping for some great results again this week! Peace out!

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