Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Spinning Again

A new session started at the YMCA this week. I really wanted to continue w/ my Boot Camp class but for several reasons I couldn't. So I have decided to head back to spinning. I was spinning last September and October, when I started blogging but kept my blog private. (Check it out here.)
Anyway- I really enjoyed my spinning class today. My instructor is really good and he was super nice and helpful. Boy- was he tough! The class had 7 people in it and the rest of them had all been spinning for years. I think I did okay keeping up. I also had a non-scale victory. The receptionist I used to talk to, when I was spinning last fall, did not recognize me! Someone else had to tell her who I was! Yay! It is so fun looking good!

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Tara said...

Are you kidding me??? I finally got back on here and checked you out... literally! Sarah NAPIER!!! You look AMAZING!!!!! Size 7???!!! I am so proud of you~ Keep up the AMAZING WORK!!! P.S. Skinny jeans look hot!