Thursday, March 6, 2008

Tastes of the good life!

Today I was smiling while I opened a fresh container of fat free cottage cheese. I was so happy about that first scoop. When a person is dieting they deny themselves so much of the old food they really loved (read=the food that made them big). I realized, while smiling at my fresh container of fat free cottage cheese, my mind has created new foods that I really love.
Former Favorite Foods:
saltine crackers
french fries

New Favorite Foods:
fat free cottage cheese
salsa in salad
Granny Smith Apples
turkey burgers

These are the foods I crave now. Okay, I still have the occasional desire for Chipotle or pretzels (I've had neither since August). Now that I want these healthy foods I just have one of them if I get a craving for anything. They aren't the same but they do the trick!

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