Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Appetite Control

Well, I am doing good today. It is 7:45 and I have consumed 1260 calories.... that is all I can have. I have run my 1 mile allotted by my physical therapist. I am about to lift weights for 45 minutes. However, I am still extremely hungry. I know this is my mind playing tricks on me. I am not going to eat another thing tonight. The past three days have been difficult. I am ready to put my recent struggles w/ cravings behind me. (See previous posts.) So- What is a surefire way to lose your appetite? Watch America's Next Top Model while lifting weights and doing an ab workout! I have not been watching this cycle b/c I gave up TV for Lent. But now that Lent is over I think I can jump right back into the high-fashion, self-absorbed, super-skinny drama of it all!! The show is highly entertaining. Tyra Banks is extremely personable and fun to watch. And the girls on it are so tall and beautiful and, of course, rail-thin. Oh- it is just starting the opening song. I think my cravings are gone already! Peace!

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Anonymous said...

No way Sarah that's what I turned on after doing my 2 mile cardio walk. Hey, since getting to the gym is hard most days, what is a good arm/free weight work out. Prayers for Baby Jack (I think that might be one of the first times I've called him that??) Love to you!