Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Don't Worry. Be Happy.

I had this whole depressing blog planned b/c I feel bad for myself b/c I can't run. But I decided not to post it. You know why? B/c I should be happy. You know why? B/c I have lost 59.8 pounds! That is something to be happy about.
I am also super happy for my good friend Tonya. She has started losing weight and blogging about it too! Check her out here. She is already well on her way. I am so proud of you Tonya!

I weigh in on Friday instead of Saturday this week b/c I have a 5k w/ my Dad on Saturday. I am so excited for it. It is a St. Patrick's day race sponsored by a local Irish bar called "Harrigan's Tavern". I really wanted to run in it b/c I'll bet the T-Shirts will be cool-Irish-tavern-St. Patrick's-like T-Shirts.

This blog is about happy things!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Sarah! I can't imagine that you have lost that much..can't wait to see you when we make it back. I will probably need lots of encouragement so you are hired!! Have a great race! Love ya T