Saturday, March 8, 2008

Snowed In

This is what I found when I looked outside this morning. We had a small blizzard or something. I got up at 6:30 and put Lisa in front of cartoons w/ a bowl of Cheerios. Then I went outside to shovel. I had a 9:10 Jenny Craig appointment. I had to go. I had no food to eat in the house. Anyway, I realized while I was shoveling that, I have never.... ever in my entire life.... shoveled snow! How weird. Here is a picture of me after I had the driveway cleared. Please excuse the lack of makeup. I bundled the kids up and headed out to Jenny Craig. The weather got much worse while I was at the JC Center as another storm was moving in. So I weighed in, got my food, and got out of there w/o the usual consultation. I drove straight to my parent's house which is a lot closer than mine. I am snowed in here now. Lisa has been playing in the snow and is having a blast. We will stay here until the roads are better. (BTW- I was down 1.6 pounds!)

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Tonya said...

That snow looks wicked! So glad that we don't have it here! We have sunny skies and a cool breeze. If you got my email you will know that I thank you for opening up this blog. It's inspirational to see someone change their lifestyle..and just think now that stretched photo that used to be on your fridge of you and Jack on your wedding day is a reality..ok except Jack still isn't as tall (Love ya Jack) I began my own blog and have you to thank. Talk to you soon Love ya T