Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Food, food everywhere

On Easter I let myself eat normal food. I had mashed potatoes, ham (oh the glorious ham), a dinner roll, dessert, etc. That is now looking like it was a mistake. I am having the hardest time reigning in my taste buds again. I am not going full-out binging but I am having difficulties getting back on my Jenny Craig food. Oh- I should have left well enough alone. I am going to spend the next few days trying to tame my appetite and crush all cravings! I am increasing my water intake to 2 gallons a day until the end of the week. And I need to re-motivate. Here are 3 reasons to not eat any more ham:
1. Have almost finished what I started- 7.6 pounds left to go.
2. Will be getting new wardrobe at goal.
3. I feel so much better when my portions are controlled.


Anonymous said...

I am there with you! I am an emotional eater so you can imagine! Lee says that it's not as bad as I think but I feel like a giant cow! I am re-motivating again also. You can do it Sarah

Ria said...

What is a world without ham? You might as well remove the sunshine, too and all the flowers and puppies.