Saturday, March 15, 2008

My 5K

My 5k went well today. My Dad couldn't come so I went alone. It was kind of cold but not unbearable. The atmosphere was great. Lots of fun St. Patrick's day themed clothes, etc. Everyone at the race was really happy to be there and the energy was super high. I started my ipod before the race even began. I always do this b/c I can't stand the sound of the gun. I start in the middle-back of the pack. This way I pass people and people don't pass me. It makes me feel better that way. The first 2 miles I felt SO GOOD! I did them really fast-- in about 8 minutes each. The last mile I was dragging. I can never keep up my initial pace. During this time 2 girls and one guy passed me. I did manage to sprint the last 1oth of the 3.1. And whenever I can do that I feel as if I could have ran faster beforehand. But I was able to sprint passed the guy who had passed me earlier so I was happy. Chariots of Fire was just beginning as I ran the last 10th and it was moving to finish to that song. Finish time 28:42. Or somewhere around there-- the results are not posted yet. I wanted to finish in 27 minutes but I am honestly happy to be under 30 minutes. I almost didn't run today... I am so VERY GLAD that I did. Peace!

EDIT TO ADD: actual time 28:40


Tonya said...

GREAT JOB! I have never been a runner..never and it looks like ot could be relaxing of sorts, its a goal I have to run. I applaud you cdoing something that you almost didn't do! Love ya Tonya

Jack said...

Great Job honey,

I am so glad that you ran, I know that it took some extra courage to go alone and run after taking some time off. The good thing is that you finished and you can be proud of that feat alone. Keep up the good work and next thing you know you will have to wait around after the run to pick up your trophy.