Friday, March 14, 2008

A New Approach

I am seeing a new doctor for my IT Band injury. Dr. Mindy is a sports medicine specialist. She said my injury is for sure my IT Band and that it is pretty inflamed. We talked about how my legs appear to be different lengths b/c my right hip pulls my right leg up. But they are not "anatomically" different lengths. My chiropractor has been adjusting me for months, one to three times a week, to bring them to the same length. My right leg just will not stay put. This is what is causing my IT Band injury. Dr. Mindy says we need to treat my legs like they are anatomically different lengths b/c they are uneven 95% of the time. So she immediately measured me and fitted me w/ a lift for my right shoe. I walked out of the office w/ it and I feel like a new woman! I could tell a difference in the first 10 feet I walked. (I am tripping a little more than usual but that is normal... I guess.) I ran 4 miles w/ it yesterday and could tell my gait was adjusting. My treatment also includes a cortisone injection in my hip on Monday and 4 weeks of Physical Therapy. (I am embarrassed to say the shot is in my hip. What am I, like 80?) Hopefully, after all of that, I can put this mess behind me where it belongs!

In other, non-IT Band, news. I weighed in today. A day early this week. And guess what... I am down another 1.2 pounds!! Woot-woot! I would tell you what I weigh... but I scarcely believe it myself! I have exactly 9 pound to lose to reach my goal! I am so excited to be so close! Peace out!

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Anonymous said...

9 lbs to go that is awesome!! Glad you will be getting treatment fot the IT band, I can tell that it has been hard for you to deal with. So very proud of your progress and dedication! Love ya Tonya