Sunday, September 16, 2007

No one said this would be fun!

Here is a picture of Julia Louis-Dreyfus, who I totally love. Tonight at the Primetime Emmys Julia was interviewed on the red carpet. She was asked about how she manages to stay looking so good all the time. (Doesn't she look amazing? And I think she looks as young and as fit as she did when she was on Seinfeld. And how old is she anyway? Oh- 46... just googled it. Wow- she looks like she is 30.) Anyway, her response was, and I paraphrase here: "I don't eat anything fun. I don't do anything fun." When asked what she ate today she said: "Scrambled egg-whites." I was sitting on the couch watching this live on E! (of course) and I just stopped what I was doing and thought about her responses. Wow, what great discipline. She clearly gets pleasure from other thing besides food. (Like maybe being able to look so amazing in designer gowns!) I need to remember to get happiness from other things. I need to remember that my discipline now will bring great results later. Like maybe I could look like Julia Louis-Dreyfus by the time I am her age. Hey, its possible... we seem to be on the same diet. You go Julia! All that non-fun having and egg-white eating really pays off!!


Gracie said...

This is so great! I just went running for the first time in a while! Love you Sarah!

Tara said...

Elaine is a winner. Egg whites and all.

Ria said...

I love it when actresses do not lie. They should all just let it out and tell everyone about their water-only diets. Props to Julia!...and to you, Sar!!! Bring on the egg whites. Woot! Woot!