Tuesday, September 18, 2007

September Goal- Check!

As Ice Cube would say "Today was a good day." I've met my weight-loss goal for September. I am ecstatic! I have taken the 40 pounds I have to lose and divided them up by 10 months b/c I want the weight off by July 1st. (In time for the dreaded birthday.) So (do the math) I have to lose 4 pounds a month. I know it isn't much I have lost these same damn pounds many times before. And I hear that losing them slowly will keep them off. So I'll try anything! Also 4 pounds is realistic. I need to set realistic goals for myself. B/c in the past I've had these high expectations and when I couldn't meet them I'd end up discouraged. Then depressed. Then- next stop Chipotle. It's a vicious cycle. So now I've meet my goal. I've lost my 4 pounds for this month. And it is only the 18th of the month. If I lose more... great. But if I don't... I'm cool. I just need to at least maintain this loss. Easy enough- right? We shall see. Peace out.

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Tara said...

You are my inspiration... Yea!!!!