Friday, September 7, 2007

If Life Gives you Lemonade-Pour it down the drain

Did you know that there are 220 calories in one Mike's Hard Lemonade? I just figured that out. I was excited to have 2 tonight. I've been saving them for a week. But alas, I've poured them down the drain. I'll just fold laundry, drink water, and chew Raspberry Orbitz Sugarfree Gum instead. The exciting news today is I went to the next decade down on the scale. I've been trying to get there for like 3 weeks so I was super excited. I ran at 1 pm which is just so hot. But that was the only time I could. I am trying to run outside as much as possible until Jack leaves. B/c after he is gone it is treadmill only. I stumbled upon a great new website. I love it. It has a lot of calculators like calories burned, BMI, and nutrition and activity calculators. I've been putting in numbers all evening. (Did you know that you burn 96 calories if you are sitting down, feeding a baby for 30 minutes? Yup.) I want to lose 40 pounds in 10 months.... 4 pounds a month. I can usually lose weight faster but am trying to do it slow and steady this time. This website is able to tell me how many calories I have to lose and eat a day in order to meet that goal. I haven't figured it all out yet though. Okay- I'm gonna go chew some gum. Peace.

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