Friday, September 21, 2007

Very Hungry

Okay. Today I am hungry. This is not fun. My super-skinny sister always says "you can't expect to lose weight w/o being hungry." She is right, of course. But I am still pissed. (See picture.) I am trying to distract myself. Here is what I am doing to keep busy:
-Chewing gum
-Drinking water
-Taking kids on walk after nap
If anyone reading this has an ideas to distract me that would be great.
I could use any encouragement I can get right now. Ugh! This is so frustrating.


Ria said...

Today I ate:
- One steak
- Half a block of cheese (sharp white
- Two "hunks" of jalapeno cheese
- Two Double Chocolate Chip Cookies
- Two packs of Ramen
- Handful of herb and cheddar chips
This is all I can remember, but I may have had more.

Anna said...

today I ate:
- half a glass of cranberry juice
- synthroid pill
- little bit of Mt. Dew
- Donettes that Mike picked up from Shell on the way home from Mass. They are now gone.
- The "super skinny" sister is "super preggo" and cannot be held accountable for about another year - give or take.
Love you!! You are doing GREAT!!
GOOOOOOOOooo egg whites!!!!