Monday, September 24, 2007

Not tired yet

I've decided to increase my calories burned when ever possible. If I have the energy I'll be doing a second workout in the evening from now on. It is what needs to happen. I know I won't have the energy every night. But maybe 3 or 4 nights a week. While I run on the treadmill Baby Jack has to be asleep and Lisa has to be in my sight. So tonight I got the baby in bed and Lisa set up in my room w/ a bunch of books. After about, umm ....30 seconds, Lisa pipes up from her seat on my bed.

"Mom, are you tired yet?"

"No, Lisa. Not yet."

"When will you go fast like Auntie Grace?" (My fastest sister.)

"Oh, after I warm up."

"Are you tired yet?"

This continued for the entire run. About every minute or so she asked if I was tired or when I would go fast. It is funny now. Not so much then. As I slowed for a cool-down she said:

"That was good running Mom."

"Thanks honey. Like Auntie Grace?"

"Well Mom, I think you are still slow."

I just laughed at this. I am slow..... That is okay. I am still burning calories, right? Slow and steady wins the race... or whatever. Yay me!

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Ria said...

Lisa does ask a lot of questions. You are raising an inquisitive and precocious young lady. My favorite are the breakfast questions. There was one time where I just wanted to answer, "Auntie Re-re does not talk before she has her proper intake of caffeine". gotta love Lisa!!!