Saturday, December 8, 2007

I am NOT the Biggest Loser!

Well, I was right to be nervous yesterday. I am only down .4 of a pound. I am pretty discouraged. My counselor is saying this looks like it could be a plateau. I have been hovering around the same 3 pounds for a month now. THAT is so upsetting to me. My counselor says I need to switch it up. I tend to agree. I probably need to change my workout routines somehow. My body is used to what I am doing now and needs a change. I don't know exactly how this works but I've heard other people say that their exercise needs to vary to burn maximum calories. So, I've been working out a plan. I think I am ready to do some running intervals again and plan to do them twice this week. That will be great for burning calories. Also, I am going to be doing Tae-Bo a few days as well. I have also switched around some of my snacks. We will see if these changes make a difference. UGH!

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