Saturday, October 13, 2007

Weighing Woes

So I weighed in today. And this week I've lost.... drum roll please.... a measly .8 of a pound. What does this mean? I don't know. As someone who directly relates effort to results, I am upset. Does this mean I went another whole week in my life w/o Chipotle for .8 of a pound??!! I soooo would have got Chipotle if I knew this was what would happen to all my hard work. I feel cheated! And who makes scales anyway? Don't they know how to round down? Why don't scales round down to the next pound? Someone please explain this. Is this b/c I don't eat tuna? I feel like if I ate tuna I would already be thin. Maybe if I would have ate tuna instead of another meal I could have that crummy little .2 of a pound that seems to be missing. Like I said- I equate effort w/ results. If I do the work (in this case dieting and exercising) I expect the results (in this case weight loss... more than .8 of a pound.) So if I do a lot of work I expect a lot of results. Hmmm. This didn't work out that way for me this week. And I must admit I am a little bummed. Of course-- I'll take the little .8 of a pound. As pathetic as it is.

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Tara said...

When this happens to me... I usually throw in the towel and give up. This results in a 'few' pounds of weight GAIN and then I am really off and going. So, HANG in there. You are my model right now and I am looking to you to stay strong. .8 today may turn into 2.8 tomorrow... the next day, etc. You ARE AWESOME!