Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Trying to Maintain

Today my therapy and adjustment went well. My doctor has added a new element to the practice. A medical massage therapist! Word. She gave my injury a free 10 minute massage and I think she just does that to get people hooked. She was talking about how I have to get my hamstring and IT band to relax in order to heal completely. I agree. I have a medical massage next Thursday. I am feeling better and walking better today. I was also able to do Pilates so I am doing better. My doctor is not sure that I will be able to run by Saturday.... I am really hopeful. Also- my weight goal for the week is to MAINTAIN my loss from last week. Even though I did lower my caloric intake, I am still concerned that the lack of exercise will confuse my metabolism and stop my weight loss. So I am aiming to not gain anything back. As usual, I cannot wait for my weigh in. Ummmm... I googled "stretching" and got a picture of this kitty. I am doing so much stretching of my muscles these days this is what I feel like.

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