Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Running for my life....

This is what I feel like I am doing. I was talking to my sister today about running. My morning workout and Jenny Craig just aren't enough. I have to run too. Even if I do an hour of step aerobics in the morning, like today, I still need to run. I really love it.... once I get on the treadmill. Getting on the treadmill is really a trick though. I've got my endurance up to around 2.5 miles w/ no stopping. I know that is not much but it has taken me a while to get there. Tonight while I was running I thought I'd be creative and get some pictures of myself to put on here. Only problem... my photographer is a 3 year-old! If I look exhausted, it is b/c I am.

I gave Lisa the camera when I still had quarter of a mile left. She had a little bit of fun w/ it. This is what I am dealing w/ during my runs people. Peace!

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Ria said...

Lisa is so cute. Don't get me wrong, you and the cabbage patch kid look good, too.