Thursday, October 11, 2007

The Way I Are

Above you will see a picture of the dashboard of my treadmill. It looks cluttered, I know. My sister and I always joke about all the things we "have" to have to run efficiently. So tonight during my run I realized how silly this must look. I tend to be a little OCD. This is an example of that.

Starting on the left we have hand weights number 1. Not sure why they are there. I used to use them before I got hand weights number 2. I leave them there in case. Out of habit. Behind them I have my tissues. You need tissues when you run. Next I have my pink ipod Nano. I wear it when I run, of course. I put it there for effect. Next I have my pink Razor. It is there so I don't miss an important call. If you have ever talked to me while I am running you are an important caller. If you haven't talked to me while I am running you are not the reason I keep my pink Razor on the treadmill dashboard. Next, in the center, you can see the Evenflo baby monitor. I have to be able to see the light bars on it b/c I can't hear it over my tunes. If the baby wakes up I allow him to cry for 7 minutes before I jog into his room and put his binkey in his mouth. I do this 3 times if necessary. If he continues to cry after three "jog-ins" then I stop running. Next there is my heart-rate monitor and manual. I just started using this, hence the manual. It is a little confusing but I am getting addicted to it. I really think that it helps me run longer and will keep me from blowing up my heart. And lastly, we have hand weights number 2. They are different from hand weights number 1 b/c they velcro onto your hands. I totally love them but can't wear them all the time b/c the tend to aggravate the tendinitis in my wrists. And, ummmm.... I think that is it. Unless you count the fan on the dashboard. I only use it when I have a quarter mile left no matter what distance I am running. But it is built in so you kinda can't count it as one of the things I need. Right?