Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Down- Not out!!

Last night I hurt my knee during my interval run. I am so upset. It really started aching in May but I assumed it was just b/c I was so overweight. Then I took 8 weeks off from July to September and figured that would take care of the ache. No such luck. It started hurting again a few weeks ago... only when I run. Then- last night it hurt so bad while I was running and is killing this morning. I am limping. I can't believe this. I do not want to stop running. I am so bummed. I didn't go to step aerobics this morning. And I won't be attending it or spin the rest of the week. My POA is: rest, ice, compression, elevation, more stretching, Motrin, slower runs for a few a week or two run outside whenever possible, and a return to my chiropractor. In my research online I've found a few different injuries it could be. I am leaning toward thinking it is ITBS. I found a website that said the number one cause for ITBS is having legs of different lengths. My left leg is longer than my right so I am thinking this is it. If so, my chiropractor can get them back to the same length in a few sessions. I really hope I can get this resolved w/o too much a change to my running schedule. I will not be stopped. I am determined.

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