Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Just Keep Spinning

Today in my spin class the funniest thing happened. I got on my regualr bike and the resistance was set at the most difficult level. I couldn't even push the pedal down one time. The bikes are usually left at neutral so I found this odd. I adjusted the resistance and started spinning away. I felt so great. It seemed so easy. Almost natural. I just kept spinning. As my instructor, Heather, had us increase the resistance I had no problems. Absolutely none. My legs didn't burn. I didn't get tired. It was fabulous. I thought to myself- "This is it. I am finally in shape. I look like all the other girls who don't even have to try to pedal fast against strong resistance." Then something clicked in my head and I thought to myself- "This is too easy. Could my bike be broke? I should say something to Heather. No- I won't say anything... then I will look super-fast and really in shape. Say something. W/o resistance you won't get a good workout. You want a good work out don't you? Don't say a word... you look great!" After just a few minutes my desire for a workout overcame my desire to look really fast. Heather said my bike was broke and I needed to switch. My new bike was working just fine. I don't know how fast I appeared, but I did get a great spinning workout!

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