Saturday, February 16, 2008


OH MY GOSH!!!!! I AM IN THE 130'S!!!!!!!! I cannot believe this! I lost 2.6 pounds today at my weigh in, dropping me into the 130's! I am so estatic. I BARELY got there, as I had to remove my watch and socks to tip the scale. But- who cares- I am there! What a great feeling this is. I've lost a total of 55.6 pounds and I have 14.8 left. Today that does not seem to terribly far to go. Oh, I am just so happy. I've been waiting to get to this decade forever. The only thing better will be the 120's! But I am not stressing about getting there b/c I just feel so great right now. I am going to be working extremely hard this week to make sure I don't slip back up. Goodness knows... I can't remove any more clothing during my next weigh in!

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Joshie said...

GREAT job! Keep on truckin!