Sunday, February 10, 2008

A plan

I had a super-long run planned today. Then I woke up w/ a head cold. No fun. I just want to lay around and sleep. I did just manage to squeak out 3 miles. I just ran for the sake of running. I started to panic about getting sick. I was getting so nervous about the weight I might not lose if I am sick and not working out as much. And then I thought-- "Okay, I need to lighten up!" So I decided rather than stress about getting sick, I would make a plan for the week. And this is what I came up w/.
1. Stick to Jenny Craig 100%.

2. Make all my workouts. Even if they have to be shortened. (This may be tricky as Lisa is coughing and the nursery might not take her. But if I can't go to the YMCA for boot camp I'll do Billy Blanks boot camp at home.)

3. Sleep as much as possible.

I think if I follow these rules I should still lose weight this week and not feel too terrible. Oh yeah- last week I lost .8 of a pound. I'll take it! Wish me luck w/ this week's plan!

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