Monday, February 4, 2008

Having a ball

I am really getting so much out of my boot camp class. It is difficult but so fantastic. Today we did our entire class holding an exercise ball. So we ran 5 laps around the track and then exercised w/ the balls. We did squats, jumps, lunges, jumping jacks, high knees, etc. All while holding the ball and moving it up and down, over, and around. It gives your shoulders, arms, and core a great workout. In between the ball work we did intervals of running on the track and sprints in the gym. We finished up w/ weights and light ab work (b/c the ball works your abs so much.) I've also started running before my boot camp class. I used to stretch in the hall for 10 minutes before class. Then I would wait for the other class to exit and by the time we began our warm up on the track we are already 5 minutes into class. Now I am just going up to the track and warming up while I wait for the class to come up. Then I stretch afterwards. I am able to get a least a mile in sometimes a mile and a half. And my legs actually feel better during boot camp! But I am still exhausted afterwards! Peace and good night.

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