Sunday, February 3, 2008

Fun Weekend!

What a great weekend! Yesterday at my weigh in I was down -1.4 pounds! Yay me! I am so glad. Then I got to go to my sister's house. My parents took the kids and me to visit and we all had a great time. My niece turned 3 and she is the most DARLING child. Everything she says makes me laugh. She had me cracking up the whole visit! Then, today I was able to run in my sister's neighborhood which is so pretty. And it is always fun to run in a new area. My Dad logged the route for me and it looks like it was just over 6.5 miles. I was so exhausted by the end but it was a wonderful run. I had not run outside in a while. Finally, once I was back home and had the children in bed I was able to lift weights. That needed to happen one day this weekend and I am glad I was able to follow through and get the session in. (Totally 11th hour-- but who cares!) I am feeling great and I know the fun weekend had a lot to do w/ that. Also, I can't believe that I had 2 good weeks of weight loss in a row! I am hopeful for my upcoming week of exercise. Think of all the miles there are to run! Think of all the calories there are to burn! Think of all the pounds there are to lose! This week is going to be great! Peace out!
P.S. For some reason the spell check option is not working!! Yikes! Please let me know if you see an error so I can correct it.


Shirley EAN said...

Yea Sarah way to go!! I'm nursing a stress fracture so run an extra mile for me :) Keep up the good work.
Love you,
Auntie Shirley

Denean said...

I just wanted to say how proud and inspired I am by reading your blog. You know i have struggled with my weight for years and I understand how difficult it can be to loose. Keep pushing girl. You'll get to your goal. Keep us posted.
Love you,