Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Late-Night Cravings

I am going to bed tonight craving Chipotle. I am not proud of this. Sometimes I feel like Chipotle should be one of the food groups. Wouldn't that be nice? Then you would feel like you were supposed to eat it. I have my friends from UD to thank for my Chipotle obsession. When I was working there they introduced it to me one day on lunch. I was pregnant and had been eating Mexican like it was going out of style. (Which it never will.) Anyway, it was love at first bite. I have never looked back. I ate it weekly, sometimes daily, during both my pregnancies. There is one located extremely close to my OB's office. (Put there for obvious sales reasons.) Even though I have not eaten it in over 9 months, my tastebuds have remained faithful. They bring Chipotle to my mind everyday. Good night!

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