Saturday, November 24, 2007

Thanksgiving doesn't hold me down!

Today's weigh in went much better than last weeks. I am down 2.2 pounds!! Take that! Who knows what the difference between this week and last week is. Maybe it is the added calories of a take-out Mexican meal? Maybe I need to do that weekly..... I am so kidding. I do know that I had to bring my calories down to 1200 on a few days. The computer program at Jenny Craig says that I do not need to go down to 1200 calories until I've lost another 10 pounds. Scientifically, I should still be losing weight at my current weight and eating 1500 calories 7 days a week. But I have a theory that my metabolism is a little messed up from years of overeating, dieting, and diet pills. So I think I may need to go down to 1200 calories a little sooner. I plan on eating only 1200 3 days this week. We shall see what the scale says next week! I am so happy to have made it through Thanksgiving. I feel like I've really accomplished something by still losing weight this week. Peace out!

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