Thursday, November 22, 2007

And it is done!

Okay- It is 11 pm on Thanksgiving evening and I think I've survived. I have avoided my Mother's wonderful cooking- potatoes, stuffing, turkey, pies and all! That was difficult. I ate my teeny Jenny Craig Turkey w/ stuffing and gravy meal and a salad. My plate was microscopic in comparison to the plates of everyone else. That is okay. I allowed myself an extra pickle for good measure. I had to keep telling myself that I cannot eat what everyone else eats... It obviously does not work out well for me. Next up I avoided pizza, bread sticks, and peanut buttercup cookies w/ our closest friends. This was also very difficult. I had my Jenny Craig Pesto Pizza meal and another salad. I tried to eat slow and drink a lot of water. Actually I've drank 2 gallons of water over the course of the day. I chewed a lot of gum too. Oh yeah, I also had another pickle w/ dinner. (It is okay... really. I knew this would be tough. I allotted room for extra pickles today.) Last night I wrote down everything that I would put in my mouth today. I left enough room for a glass of wine.... which I did have at my parent's house. I stuck to my plan exactly. Days total calories= 1500!! Not a bit more! I am emotionally exhausted. I'm going to bed before I eat something.

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