Thursday, April 2, 2009

Happy Anniversary!

Two years ago today I started my new lifestyle w/ Jenny Craig!  Wow- time sure flies when you are having fun!  It is b/c of this amazing program that I have been able to completely transform my life.  I cannot believe it has only been two years.... what a great adventure it has been.

I recently had the privilege of meeting some other Jenny Craig clients.  These women were fantastic!  Combined we have lost more than 600 pounds!  Can you believe it?!!  I am humbled and honored to have shared such an amazing time w/ these ladies.  They each taught be something important.  I hope to see them again someday.
Jenny Craig- Thanks for making all of our lives so much better!  Here's to you Jenny- you and many more happy years to come!
P.S. I plan to post my before and after pics later this month on the anniversary of my goal.  Just so you know.... it will take me about a month to work up the nerve to do it!  Ha.

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Ria said...

Oh, Sar! You look so cute. Is that dress your's? I like it! You are ready for the before and after pics...Stand Proud!!! Love you.