Monday, April 20, 2009

2009 Boston Marathon

Today I watched the 113th Boston Marathon.  I love watching marathons.  I know that sounds silly.  Most people think "All they do is run.  Nothing happens until the end."  I know this but I still can't pull myself away.  I watched every second of the elite women and elite men's races.  My favorite runner, Kara Goucher, was running.  She holds the record for American Women's Fastest Marathon Debut.  She ran it in November 2008 at the NYC Marathon in 2:25:53.  I was soooooo hoping that she would take first today but it was just not to be.....  However, she did get 3rd place and ran a great race.  Way to go Kara!  I was sad for her to not reach her goal of winning.  When she cried today I had to hold back tears.  

I have followed Kara's career over the last few years and it has really inspired me.  Every time I watch her run I am just amazed at her toughness.  I wish I could run like that.  I wish I could do what she does.  It is really awesome.  I would love to run a marathon someday.  And of course, after a runner says that the next thing they say is... "I'd love to run The Boston Marathon someday."  Realistically, I don't know if that kind of distance is in the cards for me.  I get injured so easily it seems.  If I ever do get to run a marathon I would have to train very carefully.  I could probably take a few tips from Kara's training... she battled injuries for several years after college.  But- I seriously don't know that I will ever run that far... and that makes me feel kinda bummed after watching such a beautiful race today.

As for Kara- I am sad for her that she did not win... but happy for her that she has so much talent!  I'd love to run like that just one day in my life!

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Shirley EAN said...

You know Uncle Mike and Kelley Ran this marathon. They did very well and qualified to do it again :D
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