Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Still Maintaining

I had my monthly weigh-in Saturday.  I am still w/in my goal range... thank goodness!  I was super worried b/c I don't really feel like I have maintenance down yet.  However, all is well.  I was glad to be back at the centre.  A month w/o seeing my consultant, and everyone else, seems like a long time!  I bought some Jenny food that I was totally missing.  I have been craving Jenny's Pizza SO MUCH!  I am trying to keep better track of my daily food intake.  It is really easy to do that w/ prepackaged meals.... and of course Jenny food is the best.  I've decided to go back in for another weigh-in 2 weeks from now- instead of in a month.  I just really struggled during this last month and I think a quick check-in at the 2 week point will be better.  It will boost my confidence to have a good weigh-in and chat w/ Melissa.  Added bonus- I can pick up some more JC food! Yum!

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