Sunday, August 31, 2008

Reading Fast

Run Fast.  This is my latest reading adventure.  I LOVE it.  The author, Hal Higdon, is a well-known runner, coach, and writer.  He has contributed to "Runner's World" magazine longer than any other writer.  His training plans are considered the best out there. This book is such a page turner for me.  It is like I am reading "Gone With the Wind" again!  However, what stinks is that I don't think I am physically ready for a lot of his strategies.  He recommends speed-work (obviously) to get faster.  Workouts would include- repeats, intervals, tempo runs, fartleks, etc.  In order to begin running speed-work you have to have a good base or you will get injured.  I started running, after my injury, about 8 weeks ago.  I started at about 4 miles a week and have slowly built up my mileage.  Right now I am at 18.5 miles a week.  I don't know that this is a strong enough base to start speed-work on.  (Confession- I did run a fartlek this past week and everything seemed fine.)  Some experts say you need 6 weeks of a good base before beginnign speed-work.  Some experts say a year of running w/ a solid base!  I am going to email Dr. Osborne (my podiatrist) and find out what he thinks.  I am also going to email Coach Jenny and see what she thinks.  I am really wanting to get faster but not a the expense of my leg.  I was doing the math and in the past year I have been unable to run for 8 MONTHS of it b/c of my leg injury!!!  That is crazy.  I didn't realize it was that long but I couldn't run 2 months last summer, one month in the fall, and 5 months this spring!!!  I do not want that to happen again.  For now I will just read about fast people running fast.  That is pretty exciting for me!  Peace!

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