Saturday, August 30, 2008

Sarah's do Big Things!

I don't write about politics much.  I have a ton of opinions but generally keep them to myself. HOWEVER- I am just so happy about Sen. John McCain's choice for a running-mate!  Sarah Palin is SUPER-pro-life and the mother of 5 children!  She started politics in the city council.  She was then mayor.  Palin is currently the governor of Alaska.  I think she is an amazing example for today's girls.  Heck- she is a great example for me.  I started reading up on her yesterday and I love her already.  In fact she makes me feel like I could do big things too.  I said to Jack today- "Honey, I think I could be Vice President.  Don't you?"  Jack said- "Well, I don't know...."  I said- "You're right... I would need to be President."  

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